Bill Nelson – Vistamix (US LP)

A bit of clever marketing saw this US Album being released in the States in 1984. Basically it is the whole of mini album, “Chimera” with a some handpicked tracks from “The Love That Whirls” and a couple of even older tracks from “Quit Dreaming….” All written, produced and engineered by Nelson apart from John Leckie who engineered on B1 and 2. It still amazes me that no one references him as an 80’s influence. Other guests include Y.M.O.’s Yukihiro Takahashi on drums and Mick Karn playing bass on the haunting “Glow World.” My personal favourite out of this bunch is the last track, both uplifting and technically outstanding.

Reader Michael A. Bassett recommended visiting Bill’s Soundcloud, I did and it’s proof that the man’s a National Treasure and an overlooked talent.

Portrait ‎– BFR 39270bill

A1 The Real Adventure 4:10
A2 Flaming Desire 4:51
A3 Acceleration 3:57
A4 Empire Of The Senses 4:51
A5 Everyday Feels Like Another New Drug 4:38
B1 Do You Dream In Colour? 3:44
B2 A Kind Of Loving 4:18
B3 Tender Is The Night 5:11
B4 Glow World 4:03
B5 Another Day, Another Ray Of Hope 5:22



One comment

  1. djraf2015 · September 25, 2016

    Thanks! Heading to the soundcloud page too!

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