Tom Tom Club ‎– Don’t Say No (The Marshall Jefferson Remixes) (12″)

Some dance/crossover stuff today from the 80’s

Marshall Jefferson gets involved on this Tom Tom Club release (side project of Tina Weymouth and Chris Frantz from Talking Heads)

So we get a fierce Acid House mix that blends the guitar solo’s and shredding with acid squelches and drum machines, a good mash-up of styles. The “Short Cool Mix” (not really at 5 and a half minutes) is more normal house almost electro clash in style, got to love Weymouth’s deranged vocal performance. The “Say Yes” is a shorter acid workout and is more a dub mix. The B-side is just plain weird, with Frantz on vocals and production by Eric “ET” Thorngren, mock country and in the same vein as Malcolm McLaren.


Fontana ‎– 870 696-1sayno

A1 Don’t Say No (Pumpin’ Acid Mix)
A2 Don’t Say No (Short Cool Mix)
B1 Don’t Say No (Say Yes To Love Mix)
B2 Devil, Does Your Dog Bite?



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