Dalek I Love You ‎– Compass Kum’pas (Vinyl LP)


An album now from one of my favourite, forgotten 80’s bands Dalek I. (Love You) Their first album offers a treat for minimal coldwave synth fans and also fans of early OMD and Teardrop Explodes. (some of the members were involved in the band, McClusky and Holmes, but only for a short time in the late 70’s)

Comprised of Andy Gill (guitars and vocals) and Dave Hughes (keyboards) they were soon signed to a major label, Phonogram, who dropped the Love You bit from the bands name. This was the first production job by Chris Hughes. (who later was a drummer of Adam And The Ants)

Fourteen varied tracks from moody synth pieces to dancier post punk songs. An album you’ve got to listen to all the way through, “Missing 15 minutes” is a great album closer.



Back Door ‎– OPEN 1compassfrontcov

A1 The World 2:27
A2 8 Track 2:51
A3 Destiny (Dalek I Love You) 3:40
A4 A Suicide 2:54
A5 The Kiss 2:00
A6 Trapped 4:00
A7 Two Chameleons 3:18
B1 Freedom Fighters 2:16
B2 You Really Got Me 1:53
B3 Mad 1:48
B4 Good Times 2:06
B5 We’re All Actors 2:52
B6 Heat 3:12
B7 Missing 15 Minutes 5:41

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