Siouxsie And The Banshees – Rare Twelve Inch Collection (Double Pack 12″)

sam_4223Not sure where Mike got this little collection from but a bit of a treat for fans! Apparently it is an unofficial release from Czech Republic, 9 twelve inches mostly from their 80’s output and extremely rare on two discs. Starting with a Razormaid Remix of the 1980 release “Israel”, You get the Iggy Pop cover with all it’s brass parts, “The Passenger” from 1987. The mad crossover of European folk music and New Jack Swing mash-up of the inventive “Peek A Boo” from 1988. The swirl of their classic “Dear Prudence” (1983) never fails to impress, a homage to The Beatles. (Ouch mnd those ears for the phase effect.) The epic “Cities In Dust” (1985) is the pinnacle, full on Goth bombast that builds nicely and an epic twelve. A quirky cover of the Ben E. King track is next, B-side of “Arabian Nights,” (1981) The claustrophobic “Happy House” (1980) is next with an extended intro. The most interesting for my ears was the early electronica of the sinister “Red Light” from the Kaleidoscope album (1980) – something that Fad Gadget would of appreciated. The collection closes with their classic “Spellbound” (1981) which swirls and twists, I yes, I did have a singalong!


Altered Image ‎– ALT001banshee

A1 Israel (Extended Razormaid Mix) 6:17
A2 Passenger (Extended Version) 4:46
B1 Peek A Boo (Extended 12″ Mix) 8:12
B2 Dear Prudence (Extended Version) 4:02
C1 Cities In Dust (Extended 12″ Mix) 7:44
C2 Supernatural Thing (Extended Version) 4:45
D1 Happy House (Extended Version) 4:57
D2 Red Light (Extended Version) 3:54
D3 Spellbound (Extended 12″ Mix) 4:42


20 thoughts on “Siouxsie And The Banshees – Rare Twelve Inch Collection (Double Pack 12″)”

  1. djjedredy,

    I picked this up in the greater L.A. area in a city called Claremont. At The Rhino Records store. Also have a Soft Cell 12″ collection similar type, no idea where it is at the moment…!!

  2. Exceptionally good musical blog, thank you. As this is quite a rare beast, any chance of getting it in lossless format for us m4a users?

    1. T57,
      Try these – see if these will work 4U. m4a & FLAC.
      S&TB- 12”s M4A.rar

      S&TB- 12”s – SA – FLAC.rar
      S&TB- 12”s – SB – FLAC.rar
      S&TB- 12”s – SC – FLAC.rar
      S&TB- 12”s – SD- FLAC.rar

      Enjoy !!

    1. Vim
      Appreciate your comments and No problem with the Re-rip!! Just trying to share what may be of interest here to fellow bloggers like yourself and Djjedredy!!

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