400 Blows – Runaway / Breakdown (12″)

400blowsExperimental industrial band go all commercial on this track from 1985 ! The duo of Andrew E. Beer and Robert Taylor  where joined by keyboardist Tony Thorpe, all of them went on to do more dance stuff in the 90’s. Always linked to contemparies 23 Skiddoo, this was classic electro soul

“Runaway” sung by Cheryl Lucas is a cover of a Rockwell track by himself, Lamont and Dozier, very Billie Jean but with a better bass. The “Radical Remix” is the better mix but get rids of most of the vocals and adds some heavy guitar.

“Breakdown” is pure soul/funk with vocals from Linda Duggan, the “Club Mix” is very Gloria Estefan, love the horn synth and treated bass on this all over a hippety-hoppety beat.




Illuminated Records ‎– 12 LEV 64runaway

A1 Runaway (Radical Re-mix) 4:46
A2 Runaway (Extended Version) 5:22
B1 Breakdown (Re-interpreted) 3:38
B2 Breakdown (Club Mix) 6:14

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