ABC – Poison Arrow (12″)

I’m going to do a little experiment. It seems that popular, mainstream 80’s releases are my  most popular shares. It seems a bit obvious, if this was a commercial site it would be the most profitable way of earning a crust, the stats prove it. I post the B-sides because I find them the more interesting, rewarding listen. Mike provides the site with the more obscure, transatlantic shares and I try a find obscure stuff to educate and enthrall fans of the 80’s and 90’s. So this week I am going for commercial 80’s releases only, that have not appeared here. I bet the Stats go high!

From 1982 and under the production of Trevor Horn this second release by ABC scored them a massive hit. With Martin Fry’s earnest letter to fans on the back and being released on their own offshoot label, Neutron Records, this was clever, a personal touch to the mass marketing.

So the track itself is not extended or remixed, the longer “Jazz” mix released in the US, but encapsulates what ABC was about, bombastic sound, groovy bass lines and clever but coolly delivered lyrics.

The B-sides are “lounge” versions of the main track. Taken from a short film, an espionage epic called Mantrap directed by Julien Temple. Jazzed up and it seems with a live vocal take, a good alternative version. The “Lounge Sequence” is just an atmospheric. film noir instrumental.


Neutron Records ‎– NTX 102poisonfrontcov

A Poison Arrow 3:22
B1 Theme From “Man-Trap” 4:18
B2 “Man-Trap” (The Lounge Sequence) 4:18


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