Frazier Chorus ‎– Sloppy Heart (12″)

More whimsical 80’s pop from Frazier Chorus from 1989 and sounding a little bit like a cross between ABC and a slowed down Pulp’s “Common People”.

Superb production by Hugh Jones with a full orchestral backing, not the very synth drenched version that many fans didn’t like (you can hear it in the vid)

The gentleness continues on the B-side with the clarinet lead instrumental, “Spoonhead” and a very odd version of the Sex Pistol’s classic done in the Frazier Chorus style, you have to hear it!


Virgin ‎– VST 1192sloppybackcov

A1 Sloppy Heart (Full Version)
B1 Anarchy In The UK
B2 Spoonhead

6 thoughts on “Frazier Chorus ‎– Sloppy Heart (12″)”

  1. Oh you are a legend! I used to own this, purchased especially for the Pistols cover but I lost a load of vinyl a while ago (long story) , this 12″ included, so thank you for helping me replenish the stocks! (PS I also lost their version of Sabrina’s “Boys (Summertime Love)… Don’t suppose you have that tucked away somewhere do you…?)

      1. Cheers! Yeh, The Chain seems to be very popular – I’ll have to nick ideas more often! If I manage to track down that Frazier Chorus tune, I’ll send it to you. Keep on rockin’!

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