Floy Joy – Friday Night In This Cold City (12″)


Jazzy synth combo from Sheffield, Floy Joy, features quite a lot on this blog and amazingly contained an ex-member of industrial act Clock DVA, Micheal Ward. Along with Ward the later band line-up comprised of Robert E.Clarke and singer Desney Campbell (who went on to be in Everyday People) This was from 1986 and produced by the well respected Don Was. A gentle paced track with a strong chorus. The Joyce Davenport mix strips things down and toughens it up with more of a dub mix, reminds me of Talk Talk in places.



ALL FLOY JOY LINKS HAVE BEEN REFRESHED (There wasn’t that much actually)

Virgin ‎– VS 848-12friday

A Friday Night (Club Mix)
B Friday Night (Joyce Davenport Mix)


  1. David White · April 19, 2017

    All day I’ve puzzled over the remnant of a song lyric: ‘It’s Friday night in this cold city…’ and couldn’t remember the band’s name. Eventually (after refining the half-remembered lyric) a Google search yielded Floy Joy! I was pointed in the direction of your site, too. Nice. Any chance of a refreshed link to those twelve-inch ‘Friday Night’ tracks? Happy days, eh?
    Best wishes

    • djjedredy · April 19, 2017

      Re-upped! It’s always nice to come across a tune you’ve half heard…enjoy 🙂

  2. David White · April 19, 2017

    Brilliant! (That’s another band I liked way back and had several twelve-inchers. Loved ‘Man’s World’.) I once had the twelve-inch ‘Friday Night’ and an album with the patchwork photo design. Thanks for sorting!! I’ll have a proper nose around your site later when I’m not ‘working’.

  3. David White · April 19, 2017

    Groovin’ to ‘Friday Night’ right now… to hell with work! Thanks again. The digital age combined with our personal passions can result in shared magic! Much appreciated.

    • djjedredy · April 19, 2017

      No probs mate, just request away 😉

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