Floy Joy – Friday Night In This Cold City (12″)


Jazzy synth combo from Sheffield, Floy Joy, features quite a lot on this blog and amazingly contained an ex-member of industrial act Clock DVA, Micheal Ward. Along with Ward the later band line-up comprised of Robert E.Clarke and singer Desney Campbell (who went on to be in Everyday People) This was from 1986 and produced by the well respected Don Was. A gentle paced track with a strong chorus. The Joyce Davenport mix strips things down and toughens it up with more of a dub mix, reminds me of Talk Talk in places.



ALL FLOY JOY LINKS HAVE BEEN REFRESHED (There wasn’t that much actually)

Virgin ‎– VS 848-12friday

A Friday Night (Club Mix)
B Friday Night (Joyce Davenport Mix)

5 thoughts on “Floy Joy – Friday Night In This Cold City (12″)”

  1. Hi
    All day I’ve puzzled over the remnant of a song lyric: ‘It’s Friday night in this cold city…’ and couldn’t remember the band’s name. Eventually (after refining the half-remembered lyric) a Google search yielded Floy Joy! I was pointed in the direction of your site, too. Nice. Any chance of a refreshed link to those twelve-inch ‘Friday Night’ tracks? Happy days, eh?
    Best wishes

  2. Brilliant! (That’s another band I liked way back and had several twelve-inchers. Loved ‘Man’s World’.) I once had the twelve-inch ‘Friday Night’ and an album with the patchwork photo design. Thanks for sorting!! I’ll have a proper nose around your site later when I’m not ‘working’.

  3. Groovin’ to ‘Friday Night’ right now… to hell with work! Thanks again. The digital age combined with our personal passions can result in shared magic! Much appreciated.

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