Frazier Chorus -Dream Kitchen (12″)

Adding to the UK late 80’s indie vibe from Brighton’s Frazier Chorus. Whimsical synthpop with added xylophone and gentle orchestra, this was a minor debut hit in 1988. It still sounds unique even after all these years, quintessentially English. Whispery singer Tim Freeman is the brother of actor Martin of The Hobbit, Sherlock and The Office.   Kate Holmes from the band went on to be a member of the electro band Client. The extended version is only longer by about a minute.

I’m loving the B-side, “Down”, it has more of a Soft Cell feel to it, a bit of a slow burner.


Virgin ‎– VST 1145dream

A Dream Kitchen (Extended Mix)
B1 Dream Kitchen (7″ Edit)
B2 Down




  1. Eddie · August 24, 2016

    Hi! The brunette one, isn’t she the (former) wife of Alan McGee (founder of the Creation label), and member of Opal, later Technique?

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