Exude – Boys Just Wanna Have Sex (US 12″)


Valencia was ace, lots of eating and drinking but I banned myself from any vinyl purchases, didn’t have any room in the cases! 🙂



So a weird start to the 80’s revival with this parody of the Cyndi Lauper track by Exude, released in 1984. In the same vein as The Bloodhound Gang I’ve not a clue about the band, no info at all about them. Cheap drum machines, tinny synths and very affected vocal delivery from Frank Rogala, it is so bad it’s , bizarrely , quite good. Very Un-PC and it was immediately banned and taken off the shelves on release, But was played in the Gay Bars and became an underground classic. Another cover, “Chattanooga Choo Choo” reveals they were more of a guitar band, Glam Rock !!! “Let Me Kiss Ya” should be on the “Rocky Horror Picture Show” soundtrack (includes a nice synth solo!)


Feelin’ Fine Records ‎– FF001exudefrontcov

A Boys Just Want To Have Sex (Dance Mix) 7:53
B1 Boys Just Want To Have Sex (Edit) 3:40
B2 Let Me Kiss Ya (Way Down Low) 2:35
B3 Chattanooga Choo Choo (Now) 3:18

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