English Evenings – English Evenings (12″)


New Wave from 1983 and on the Safari Label (Toyah’s label at the time) The duo of Graham Lee and Lee Walsh’s (Sly Fox) debut release and using all the technology of the time and early production from Phil Harding.

The Club Mix is a more of a dub mix with the vocals cut up and dubbed about but it has some great synth hooks.

“What’s The Matter With Helen?” has a more laidback groove. The jury is still out on the vocals but there is a definite ABC influence.



Safari Records ‎– SAFE LS 57SAM_9228

A English Evenings (Club Mix) 6:54
AA1 English Evenings (Extended Vocal Version) 5:37
AA2 What’s The Matter With Helen? 3:51


  1. Tommy · August 4, 2016

    Loving this 12″, thank you! Do you happen to have anymore English Evenings 12 inchers?? 😀

  2. Mike B. · August 5, 2016

    This one and one other (I Will Return) I had sent to djjedredy but other than that unless djjedredy has some 12ers by English Evenings, this is all I have at the moment.

    Right now and I’d thought I would wait on sending some eighties until djjedredy returns from his trip (R U vinyl hunting over there djjedredy?).

    Upcoming I have 2 Tom Robinson 12″s, 2 Bill Nelson 12″s, a Spandau, A couple more Yello, Style, Bob Geldof, and the rest remains to be known…..!!

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