Eddie & Sunshine – There’s Someone Following Me ( 12″)

Only picked this up yesterday from Lancaster, I had the 7″ single when it came out in 1983.  Attracted by the DIY sleeve and the fact it could be synth pop. Bonus that this is a Hans Zimmer and unbeknownst at the time Anton Corbijn did the photograph. (I didn’t know about him at the time and how he would become an influential visualist)

Eddie & Sunshine were a bit of a cult act comprising of  Eddie Maelov and  Sunshine Patteson. Eddie (Colin Edward Francis) was an punk singer who was in Gloria Mundi with Patteson. They became a production duo before releasing stuff of their own.

To my ears now it sounds very cheesy now, with Do-Wap backing vocals and naive lyrics about paranoia,(Now where is my copy of “We Are Detectives” by the Thompson Twins) Kitsch Cabaret.  B-side is , “Echo”, much more electronic and as weird as I remember it, not like the live video but more Vince Clarke in synth arrangement.



Survival Records ‎– SUR 12 018followingfrontcov

A There’s Someone Following Me (Hans Zimmer Remix) 5:06
B1 Echo 4:16
B2 There’s Someone Following Me (Instrumental) 3:57

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