MEO 45 – Lady Love & Marching Feet (Australian 7″)

Obscure Aussie new wave, anyone ???

Theme for the day is to be educational about bands that were overlooked back in the eighties.

Meo 45 were active between 1979 to 83. A new wave quartet of Paul Northam (guitar & vocals), Mark Kellett (Bass), Campbell Laird (drums) and Paul Birkhill (Vocals & keyboards) based in Melbourne with most of the members from Tasmanian.

The name derives from the catalog number of an obscure French pressing of a Beatles E.P.

This is their debut single and 3rd single, all quite keyboard led with a rock edge. “Lady Love” was off the album “Screen Memory” mixing up the styles. Jolly organ/synth combo The B-side is a very synthy instrumental called “Letters And Numbers” with ELO/Yes synth washes and reverbed guitar, reminds me of early Flock Of Seagulls.

Mushroom ‎– K-8102 meofrontcov

A Lady Love 3:09
B Letters And Numbers 3:33


Their second single was “Marching Feet” more synth meets pub rock with a bright synth lead and punk guitar, reminds me of Status Quo!!! It is backed by a couple of live tracks. The rapid “Somebody’s Time” back to New Wave and some fine synth playing and a fun, rocked up version of “24 Hours Of Tulsa.” Both were recorded live at the Armadale Hotel, Melbourne.

Mushroom ‎– K-8239SAM_7942

A Marching Feet 2:56
B1 Somebody’s Time 3:09
B2 Twenty Four Hours From Tulsa 2:57




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