Spandau Ballet – Instinction (12″)

More Ballet and from 1982 and a good value 12″ because you get a remix of “Chant Number 1″ as a bonus with it’s rap and everything, so much so that looking at the original file I included 2 versions (one clean one from a CD!!!) The title track even has the involvement, alongside Burgess, of Trevor Horn and you can tell with all the additional synths. Mad song though a bit of a mix of styles. Shame I’ve not come across a 12” version. (there was one released in America) The B-side is decent as well, “Gently,” reminds me of The Chauffeur by Duran Duran.

Reformation ‎– CHS 12 2602instinct

A Instinction 3:36
B1 Chant No. 1 (Remix) 8:03
B2 Gently 4:01


  1. detektivrockford · July 28, 2016

    Chant No. 1 is one of the funkiest, blackest tracks ever. I love it since it came out in 1981 and it belongs in my all-time top 20. somewhere in the middle between diamond and true the spandau boys were as much soul and funk as white people can be soul and funk. be proud to play black!

    • djjedredy · July 28, 2016

      I agree, nowt wrong with a bit of Spandau. Can’t believe how much I’ve acquired over the years….must of been a secret fan! 😉

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