INXS – Taste It / Not Enough Time (Promo 12″)

Freshly ripped by my man in California , Mike B, and keeping it in 1992 (the last one for now!) He was actually worried about the quality of this recently purchased INXS Promo (Seems okay to me, it’s on vinyl remember!) So we get the erotically fueled “Taste It” mixed by Youth, using some sampled guitars, a bit industrial in flavour juxtaposed with the funk. The “Clubbed Twice” is definitely techno rock with the vocals removed, adding balls to the original but a little repetitive, more of a Youth solo track.

Ralphi Rosario brings out his funky house machine with his mix but not before Steve Silk Hurley gives it a soulful tech house mix on the “Silky Soul Dub” mix. So Rosario’s is the choice mix here with Hutchence’s whispered vocals amongst the House grooves, INXS down with the kids on the dancefloor. “Make Time Stop!”

New Link 2019

Mercury ‎– INX DJ 2313SAM_0308

A1 Taste It (New Remix) 4:43
A2 Taste It (Acapella) 3:54
A3 Taste It (Clubbed Twice) 7:15
AA1 Not Enough Time (Silky Soul Dub-stru-mental) 6:25
AA2 Not Enough Time (Ralphi Rosario Mix) 6:45

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