Holger Hiller – Demixed (Vinyl LP)

So into 1992 and a vinyl rip I did ages ago and posted on a previous blog. More Holger Hiller with remixes by Mute artists off his “As Is” album, making most of all the inventive layers and quite listenable compared with the originals. Hardly as minimal or verse-chorus
based as the source record, ‘Demixed’ samples the source material along
with just about anything else it can think of, very inventive for the time and quite ground-breaking and got in just before the sample licensing law. Well worth a listen if you like your techno bleeps and samples.


Mute ‎– STUMM102hiller

A1 Yum (Demixed By O.C.P.)
A2 Wrong (Demixed By A.J.)
A3 Me Too (Demixed By A.J.)
A4 Neighbours (Demixed By Steve)
A5 Cut (Demixed By Julian Briottet)
B1 Count (Demixed By Kitschfinger)
B2 Passion (Demixed By A.J.)
B3 XXX (Demixed By A.J.)
B4 Egg (Demixed By Kitschfinger)
B5 Hose (Demixed By Paul Tree And Russell)
B6 Sing Songs (Demixed By Paul Valentine And Julian)

Oh and I’ve re-upped his collaboration with Billy MacKenzie called “Whippets” , expect no compromise




  1. EW99 · July 20, 2016

    Fantastic – been looking for that remix of Whippets for a while. Thanks so much!

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