All About Eve – What Kind Of Fool (Autumn Rhapsody) (12″)

More female vocals from purveyors of fine, folk rock, All About Eve. Tapping into the current zeitgeist surrounding “Game Of Thrones” and all things pagan, this would have been massive if released now. “What Kind Of Fool” is almost soundtrack in terms of production quality and when it kicks in!(Note to self – find the CD version coz this is vinyl bit knackered!) Produced by ex- Yardbirds, Paul Samwell-Smith and engineer Tony Phillips this version has more strings and seems a bit of a timeless classic to these old ears.

“Gold And Silver” out strums Bon Jovi’s “Wanted Dead Or Alive” and takes off into gentle rock territory. “The Garden Of Jane Delawney” , originally recorded by the band Trees in 1970, is mournfully delivered by Julianne Regan, powerful stuff!

Mercury ‎– EVENX 9foolfrontcov

A What Kind Of Fool (Autumn Rhapsody) 5:24
B1 Gold And Silver 3:34
B2 The Garden Of Jane Delawney 4:02

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