Yello – Tied Up (US Promo 12″)

Even more from Mike (and something I do have on vinyl and was nice hearing it again and I get to post the mad video) The Swiss duo again display their cutting edge and invite the likes of Junior Vasquez and Zeo to remix the track from the album “Flag.” So Yello bring on the heavy guitar of Chico Hablas on their “In Gear” version, fast and frantic and fun. Zeo, really crunches the sound and chops up the vocals. Not sure about the drums but it furiously stomps about like a spoilt child.

Vasquez, likewise, slows it down and grooves it up, especially the longer, “Africa” mix which he makes his own. Plenty of House samples going on.


Mercury ‎– PRO 768-1promocov

A1 Tied Up (In Gear) 3:58
A2 Tied Up (In Fantasia) 6:50
B1 Tied Up (In Africa) Edit 3:40
B2 Tied Up (In Africa) Part II 6:28

4 thoughts on “Yello – Tied Up (US Promo 12″)”

  1. Thanks very much! I’m a big Yello fan and have never heard a couple of these mixes before. You made my day!

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