The Blow Monkeys – It Pays To Be Twelve (12″)

More Mike B stuff as he brings us some quite rare Blow Monkeys stuff. (I can hear their fans rubbing their hands with glee over this) The limited edition of the “It Pays To Belong” release, remixed by their keyboardist Marius Vries (who went on to work with U2, Madonna and Björk) and from the original production of Stephen Hague. Bright horns, sweeping strings, a “State Of Independece” bassline, anti-Tory dance music and very apt at the moment!

Other tracks is a housed-up version of “This Is Your Life”, pioneering for 1988, some unbelievable sounds and effects on here (even Acid!). Phil Bodger helping Vries with the remix. Best dance track I’ve posted this year!!

Last is the Phil Harding remix of their BIG hit “Digging Your Scene,” synthing up the original but remain quite faithful with the brass section and strings.


RCA ‎– PT 42232 RSAM_4750

A It Pays To Be Twelve 6:55
B1 This Is Your House 7:08
B2 Digging Your Remix 5:58

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