Crazy House – Burning Rain (US 12″)

New to me and coming on like they woke up a few years too late in 1988 thinking it was 1984 and still quite New Romantic. British but signed to the Chrysalis US label, so expect a guitar solo 🙂 A duo of David Luckhurst and Peter Parsons they even released 3 albums (the first 2 were self financed) dating back to the early 80’s, hence that sound. Here they have Steve Nye (Japan) on production and engineer Kevin Moloney. The “Generic mix” takes a while for the vocals to kick in but is quite a fun listen. The “Genetic” bounces along with more dub effects and vocals.For 80’s guilty pleasurists (I like the samples!) Nothing about them on the web!


Chrysalis ‎– VAS-2766SAM_8690

A Burning Rain (Album Version) 3:40
B1 Burning Rain (Generic Mix) 6:39
B2 Burning Rain (Genetic Mix) 7:17


  1. Echorich · June 30, 2016

    Definitely a band out of time…the album was really wonderful and so well handled in the hands of Steve Nye. The guest musicians hail from the same stable that regularly assisted David Sylvian and Mick Karn and there is some of that Japan/Sylvian magic. Alas there would be no follow up, never to be heard from again…

  2. djraf2015 · July 1, 2016

    I loved this CD when it came out. One of those bands that I’d never heard of, but was willing to give it a spin. The track ‘This Means Everything To Me’ was an instant favorite. Thanks for these mixes!

  3. Swerve · July 5, 2016

    In a bizarre twist they changed the name of the group to Shrine Of Eight and released this track again as “Perfect Crime”.

    • BNern · July 26, 2016

      Is it the same version or re-recorded?

      • djjedredy · July 27, 2016

        Not sure…sorry

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