The Danse Society – Say It Again (Club Mix) (12″)

Something else I do have and have shared but it’s always nice for a re-up and saves me digging it out again. (thanks Mike) From 1985 and the big breakthrough hit for goth / electronic band, Danse Society. Using the production team of  Stock, Aitken and Waterman; this was them hopefully trying to do a Dead Or Alive and go overground. It does sound far too clean and polished and fans of the band were shocked how Arista had pushed them into that direction. Sounding like it has bits of Frankie’s Two Tribes attached to it, this Special Remix has that catchy chorus that made it massive on most respected 80’s Dancefloors. More electronica with funky basslines appears on “Sensimilla.” (Marijuana without seeds)It  has some Jamaican toasting, borrows heavily from 70’s rocks and ends with some Gothic organ!! It sounds like it should be a Madchester tune, only 7 years before that scene happened! “Fade Away…” is more traditional Danse Society sound, very similar to Clan Of Xymox.



Arista ‎– SOC 228SAM_8162

A Say It Again (Special Edition Club Mix) 6:35
B1 Fade Away (She’s In Your Dreams) 3:20
B2 Sensimilla (Extended Roiter Pig Mix) 6:20

7 thoughts on “The Danse Society – Say It Again (Club Mix) (12″)”


    Can’t blame them for trying to break out after seeing DOA transform into a pop sensation thanks to SAW! Aah, the 80s, where a production team would take on Kylie Minogue and Rick Astley at the same time as DOA and Danse Society … could you see that happening today?

  2. Thanks a lot one more time for your fantastic work! If you allow me some more tipps…here they are: Danse Society “Hold On”, 400 Blows “Let The Music Play” and “Movin”, Bruce Foxton “Touch Sensitive” (his 1st solo album), I-Level, Black Britain, Workforce, King Swamp, Person to Person (ABCs David Palmer went solo), Blue Rondo “Slipping Into Daylight”, Love And Money “Jocelyn Square”, James Cuts “Sexify you” (produced by Alan Rankine), Ballistic Kisses, The Goup “I See I Hear I Learn”, just to name a few. But whatever you choose, I appreciate it!!! Best, Andreas

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