DNA – Doctors Of The Universe (12″)

Snapped this up over the vague memory of it being quite good from having taped it off a library loan album back in 1983. The album was called “Party Tested” and it sort of mixed synths with metal but came down on the cheesy side. Listening to it now………..OOCH!! Fromage paradise! The group consisted of respected session drummer Carmine Appice (Vanilla Fudge, Rod Stewart) and guitarist Rick Derringer and did sort of embrace the new technology. Signed to Polydor and promptly dropped after the one failed album. So back to the track, New Wave meets Heavy rock, riffs a plenty. Backed by two album tracks of varying degrees of metal posturing, hmmmm! What was I thinking?


Polydor ‎– POSPX 669doctorcov

A Doctor Of The Universe (Full Length Version)
B1 The Recipe For Life
B2 Intellectual Freedom For The Masses

Duran Duran ‎– New Moon On Monday (12″)

Okay back to 1983 and I forgot about these guys, how could I! A minor hit from their “difficult” third album , “Seven And The Ragged Tiger.” Simon Le Bon croons away Elvis-like on this with a trademark, huge chorus giving it some credibility. Produced by synth whizz Alex Sadkin (Thompson Twins) and mixed by Ian Little (Roxy Music, Sparks) it, even after all these years, doesn’t grab me, a bit of a dog’s dinner of a track. It improves on the remix, which meanders along for a while before the vocals kick in. Saving grace is the instrumental , “Tiger Tiger” with Andy Hamilton providing saxophone over a fretless bass lead (apparently an Aria Pro), a very atmospheric track.



EMI ‎– 12 DURAN 1newmoonfrontcov

A New Moon On Monday (Remix) 6:00
B1 Tiger Tiger 3:25
B2 New Moon On Monday 4:14


It’s Immaterial – Driving Away From Home (Wicked Weather For Walking) (12″)

Last one from 1986 (before we Go Back To The Future for a few from 1983!)  and a stone-cold classic. Here on the rarer remixed, longer version done by Dave Bascombe. It’s Immaterial were from LIverpool and comprised of Henry Priestman (later to be in The Christians) Jim Lieber, Jarvis Whitehead, John Campbell, Rick Jaeger and Merran Laginestra. This takes a while to kick in and motor on with the spoken vocals and that harmonica! The B-side reveal a band deliberately choosing odd instruments but within a pop song structure and drum machines. Like the weirdness of “Train, Boats, Planes” for fans of Eels.


Siren ‎– SIREN 15-12itmatcov

A Driving Away From Home (Wicked Weather For Walking) 7:10
B1 A Crooked Tune
B2 Trains, Boats, Planes

The Bible! – Graceland (12″)

Next we have a bit of a forgotten jangle from Boo Hewerdine and his first band The Bible. (The exclamation mark soon got binned.)The band then comprised of Boo on guitar and vocals, Tony Shepherd on keyboards and percussion, David Larcombe on bass. and Neill MacColl (brother of Kirsty) on guitar. This was their debut from 1986 on the major Chrysalis label and a bit of a forgotten classic. Comparisons with The Smiths will be made and it is certainly a point for the main track. The others seem to have a more unique sound that are well worth giving a listen, Boo voice has that impassioned voice that drags you into the song. The cool and jazzy “Glorybound” has a summer vibe to it whilst “High Wide And Handsome” is a bitter sweet lament over a lost girlfriend. Great stuff!


Chrysalis ‎– CHS 12 3036

A1 Graceland 3:22
A2 Glorybound 4:30
B High Wide And Handsome 5:34

Wax – Shadows Of Love (12″)

When talented musicians get hold of technology it could go 2 ways; over polished, clean “safe” songs or “Wow” moments of reappraisal.

Wax were a UK-based synth-pop duo consisting of former Hotlegs/10cc bassist Graham Gouldman and singer ,the late Andrew Gold.

The title track dredges the radio friendly AOR of Starship but it has a catchy arrangement and the characteristic big bass sound. Instrumental, “Magnetic Heaven” , could be an Art Of Noise track. Other B-side, “People All Over The World” could be a Howard Jones track. Was it the case of the cutting edge, hi-end technology just made everything sound the same or derivative, it certainly sounded like it back in 1986.



RCA ‎– PT 40526shadowscov

A Shadows Of Love 4:39
B1 Magnetic Heaven 3:20
B2 People All Over The World 4:37

Tom Robinson – Spain (12″)


I bought some stuff from Chesterfield on Saturday, here to be precise


an extremely friendly and knowledgeable shop, obviously enjoying the recent vinyl revival with a busy turnover and a very knowledgeable lady behind the counter. The stuff was pricey but immaculate. I purchased 20 quids worth and found a few gems. I’d of bought more but I still had try to budget myself, they even have some sponsorship at the Football as I watched Bury get battered by the Spiretes; (3-0) the Bird sauntered across the bottom electronic scoreboard.

The price of secondhand vinyl has definitely risen over the last few years. I’m not a collector to horde or to sell on but just random digger, the dustier the better. What I have known in the past few years is the reliance of discogs on pricing. Back in the day it used to be Record Collector, that huge tome that had those sacred prices. I managed to upset a record shop owner in Crewe by foolish trying to name my price as I tend to buy in bulk, it was like I was trying to rob his shop, he wasn’t happy!!!  Now this is my hobby, I don’t make any money from this site it just enables me to whitter on and smile to myself as the piles of records get bigger, I suppose it’s like gambling, an innocent pastime.

However, I ‘ve had a think about stuff, this blog is costing me a small fortune and there will be a time when I’ll have to cut my cloth and leave it. As I’ve mentioned before Mike has provided me with a new lease of life, another enthusiastic vinyl lover of the 80’s and without him the blog would have fallen into stagnation.It’s just a bit of a dear doo.

Rant over and something from 1986 by the legend that is Tom Robinson, having mellowed out from his post punk days this is smooth and very mid-80’s sounding. “Spain” bears more than a passing resemblance to The Strangler’s “Golden Brown” Romantic and slightly touristy it washes over you like sunlight. Album track and anti-cocaine song,   “Nothing like the Real Thing” gets speeded up and funked up, with guest musicians Chas Jankel , Guy Barker and Tony Jackson. AOR track “Drive All Night” had me, accidentally, head nodding. It was also of the album, “Still Loving You.”



Castaway Records ‎– ZT 41334

A Spain
B1 Nothing Like The Real Thing (Jazz Version)
B2 Drive All Night


Chris & Cosey – Take 5 E.P. (Canadian 12″)

So a nice rare 12″ from Mike from ex-Throbbing Gristle members Chris Carter and Cosey Fanni Tutti. Released to promote them in Canada and comprising of 5 tracks from their output between 1983-1986, it’s sexy synth pop with fetish overtones and it all depends if you like Cosey’s breathy vocals, very Marmite.

Beginning with minor underground hit, “October Love Song” Next we have the instrumental track , “Relay” , with heavy use of samples. The funky bass “Smell The Roses”contrasts with dreaming vocals (not quite in tune), almost a shoegaze feel to it. “Love Cuts” is a remix of an old track, with repetitive vocals, squelchy synths and a seedy Soft Cell theme. A bit of pagan incantation closes the mini-album with the slow, Gothica  of “Send The Magick Down.”


Nettwerk ‎– NTM-6302take5cov

A1 October Love Song (Remixed)
A2 Relay
A3 Smell The Roses
B1 Love Cuts (Remixed)
B2 Send The Magick Down


Lana Pellay – Pistol In My Pocket (US 12″)

From 1986 and somewhere between Dead Or Alive and Divine is this camp slice of High Energy that was new to me. Built on the “I Feel Love” synth bass-line it certainly hasn’t aged that well but a certain must listen to 80’s Cheese-meisters. Phil Harding and Rob Waldron give it the PWL treatment with Three Degree’s singer Sheila Ferguson on backing vocals.The preferred mix is the “Dirty Harry Version” which attempts to toughen things up (!?) Camp as a row of tents!


TSR Records ‎– TSR 846 lanacov

English Side
A1 Pistol In My Pocket (Original Version) 6:14
A2 Pistol In My Pocket (Dirty Harry Version) 7:38
American Side
B1 Pistol In My Pocket (Bob Miro Remix) 7:38
B2 Pistol In My Pocket (A Razormaid Remix) 5:46

Missing Persons ‎– I Can’t Think About Dancin’ (US 12″)

A couple from Mike involving female lead vocals and plenty of 80’s hair guitar! From 1986 is this track from L.A.’s Missing Persons. Produced by Bernard Edwards (Chic) and mixed by Steve Thompson & Michael Barbiero who seemed to have a hand in nearly all the US 12’s on here!  New Wave shapes are thrown on the B-side “Face To Face”, a very strong that is even better than the A-side.




Capitol Records ‎– V-15233

A1 I Can’t Think About Dancin’ (Extended Version) 5:47
A2 I Can’t Think About Dancin’ (Single Version) 4:18
B1 I Can’t Think About Dancin’ (Dub Version) 5:14
B2 Face To Face 3:32