Richard James Burgess – The Fugitive (US Promo 12″)

RichardBurgessFrom 1984 and the voice from the band Landscape, Richard Burgess embarked on a brief solo career releasing an album and a couple of singles. Originally from New Zealand he produced tracks for a lot of 80’s artists as well as writing computer game music. A bit of a lame single but spiced up with a couple of longer mixes by John Luongo. Funky bass and horn blasts arranged by James Biondolillo.

Rare,rare,rare all my 80’s music fans!! More electronic air drumming for me then!


Capitol Records ‎– SPRO-9232SAM_5081

A The Fugitive (Extended Club Version) 7:30
B1 The Fugitive (Dub Version) 7:12
B2 The Fugitive (Single Version) 3:32

Elvis Costello & The Attractions ‎– The Only Flame In Town (US 12″)

One from Mike as I tip-toe into 1984 and from Elvis Costello as he tried to conquer American by co-opting Daryl Hall on vocals and Gary Barnacle on Saxophone. Off the album “Goodbye Cruel World” it has the curse of being overproduced in a bad 80’s way from Langer and Winstanley (that sampled Brass section is the first offence!). A bonus was duet-ting with Nick Lowe on “Baby It’s You” sha-la-la-la-ing in acoustic heaven. Whilst another bonus is a beefed up version of 1978 hit “Pump It Up” Get your punked-up Hammond out!!!

Columbia ‎– 44 05081flamecov

A The Only Flame In Town (Special Mix) 4:40
B1 Baby, It’s You 3:10
B2 Pump It Up (1984 Monster Mix) 3:28

The Waterboys – A Girl Called Johnny (12″)

A very early release by Mike Scott’s Waterboys from 1983. Piano led with some sassy saxophone from Anthony Thistlethwaite and produced by Rupert Hine. An early line-up of the Waterboys included Scott, Thistlethwaite, Nick Linden (Bass) and Kevin Wilkinson (drums) (China Crisis, Squeeze) this is both powerful and harmonious. Three tracks on the B-side were recorded from John Peel Radio Session. “Ready For The Monkey House” is the pick of the trio, full on Waterboys jaunt with some more superb lead saxophone. “Somebody Might Wave Back” is a gentle acoustic strummer and “Out Of Control” is a slightly weird anti-war song with a very loud middle section.

Island Records ‎– 600.868


A A Girl Called Johnny 3:54
B1 Ready For The Monkey House
B2 Somebody Might Wave Back
B3 Out Of Control

Jimmy The Hoover ‎– Tantalise (Wo Wo Ee Yeh Yeh) (12″)

Still in 1983 (I’m doing well!) and this one-hit wonder from the short lived and soon to be dropped, Jimmy The Hoover band. (Derek on vocals with Simon on keyboards and vocals, Maddog on drums with Flinto on bass and Mark on guitar) They were allegedly found by Malcolm Mclaren. Given the electronic dressing by Steve Levine and Gordon Milne. African beats and rhythm along with some great slap bass, you can hear why it was a hit with the infectious chant/chorus. The obscure B-side “Sing Sing” is an unexpected find, synth bass driven with some great dub effects.


CBS ‎– TA 3406jimmycov

A Tantalise (Wo Wo Ee Yeh Yeh)
B Sing Sing

Systems Of Romance – Dare The Dance (E.P.)

A four tracker from L.A New Wave band Systems Of Romance (bought from Amsterdam). In places it is just like Electroclash (that forgotten genre from the late 90’s) but avoids a genre by just going all over the place. So the band comprised of Ray Drake, (drums) Timm ,(vocals and bass) John Kasha (guitars) and Justin (keyboards) and engineered by Mike McDonald. Don’t know anything more about them!

So “Girls Want Thrills” sounds like “Girls On Film” being sung but with some quirky guitar and synth work going on, anyone for Devo. “Stay” breaks the mould with some epic keyboards in a classic New Romantic style. ( a bit like Ultravox) The other side see’s the rockier “Stormy Weather” go all over the place but I still love all the tinny sounding synths (ouch, those lyrics!) The final track is suitably atmospherics,slow and weird. You even get Deep Purple riffs in what is more an Alt. Rock track. Quiet and Loud and the mad highlight of the E.P.

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Stolen Riff Records ‎– E1022

A1 Girls Want Thrills
A2 Stay
B1 Stormy Weather
B2 Shadows


Illustrated Man – Head Over Heels (US Promo 12″)


A bit of a New Wave groove from 1984 from the obscure British/Aussie group, Illustrated Man. The band were a quartet from the UK with ex- Gang Of Four member Hugo Burnham on drums, Philip Foxman (bass guitar) who was in 70’s Aussie band Supernaut, Rob Dean (guitar) (Ex-Japan) and Roger Mason (keyboards). Having the right people in the studio was important but it did not guarantee a hit. John Luongo provided a killer dub / instrumental and the legendary Steve Thompson (of the Steve Thompson & Michael Barbiero production team) provided the other mixes but this sank without a trace.

All the influences are here from Duran Duran to INXS as well as some strident synth sounds, but the band soon split after this release.


Capitol Records ‎– SPRO-9179illustratedinnercov.jpg

A Head Over Heels (Extended Head) 6:05
B1 Head Over Heels (Over-Dub) 5:43
B2 Head Over Heels (The Heel) 4:19

Level 42 – Are You Hearing (What I Hear)? (12″)


Very early Level 42 when they could be considered a funky Genesis, there is definite a prog element on the instrumental B-side, “The Return Of The Handsome Rugged Man.” This is before the commercial stuff, jazz funk with a fun element, duelling voices of King and Mark Lindup free-styling vocals and what an intro!

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Polydor ‎– POSPX 396levelheartfrontcov

A Are You Hearing (What I Hear)? (Extended Version) 6:07
B The Return Of The Handsome Rugged Man (Extended Version) 5:42

Landscape – European Man (12″)

I do have this somewhere but repurchased it in Amsterdam and a very apt title as I seemed to have made the DAM my second home. From 1980 and with the quality input from Richard James Burgess and his electronic drums. Burgess went on to produce Spandau Ballet, Adam Ant, Kim Wilde and even Five Star. Landscape will always be remembered for  the quirky and very short single “Einstein A Go Go” (some may know the glacier and weird “Norman Bates” release which nearly troubled the charts) This was before this and saw them move into the world of computer music with graphics and typography from high end computers, in the track there is even a voice reading out programming data for the Roland MC-8 Sequencer. No slow build up to the 12″ , straight into the electronics. B-side shows Landscape go back to their more jazz roots, a weird little instrumental but at least you get lots of cheesy electronic drums and a rock guitar solo???. A Great remix on the A-side, reminds me of Heaven 17’s Fascist Groove Thang in terms of percussion.


RCA ‎– EDMT 1landscapefrontcov

A European Man
B The Mechanical Bride

Cosmetics – The Crack (12″)

From 1982 and good example of typical New Wavery from renowned record producer Richard Mazda and his band the Cosmetics. The line-up was Ebo Ross (Keyboards), Pat Davey (Bass), Richard Mazda (Guitars & Vox) and Steve Laurie (Drums)  Risque lyrics, latin percussion and funky bass (it even has a rap and backing vocals by soul legend Martha Hunt) The Extended version has some nice dub drop outs, all very Classix Nouveau in vocal delivery. B-side “Caligraphy” is a suitably weird, meandering instrumental.(It does jump about a bit!)  Rare stuff from an obscure band.

I.R.S. Records ‎– SP-70406thecrackfrontcov

A The Crack (Long Version) 5:55
B1 Caligraphy 4:37
B2 The Crack (Edited Version) 4:12

Endgames – Love Cares (US 12″)

If it’s early 80’s you got to include some white boy funk. It’s needed as salt and vinegar crisps are at a 10th Birthday Party. Amazingly from Glasgow, Scotland the band members included drummer Brian McGee (Simple Minds),Frankie Hepburn (Visage spin off, Strange Cruise) Paul Wishart (Ex Skids and Fiction Factory) and Willie Gardner (Alex Harvey’s cousin and another Ex Skid). An embryonic Take That!

The main tracks has been given a heavy synthpop workover by Colin Campsie (who went on to work with Go West) and George McFarlane. With suitably wobbly synth and funky guitar licks.

Funky basslines and crystal glass synths chime all over the B-side, “Ready Or Not” much more groovy than the commercial “Love Cares.” A nice hidden gem!



MCA Records ‎– MCA 13980

A Love Cares (Extended Version) 5:58
B1 Love Cares 3:18
B2 Ready Or Not 3:46