Systems Of Romance – Dare The Dance (E.P.)

A four tracker from L.A New Wave band Systems Of Romance (bought from Amsterdam). In places it is just like Electroclash (that forgotten genre from the late 90’s) but avoids a genre by just going all over the place. So the band comprised of Ray Drake, (drums) Timm ,(vocals and bass) John Kasha (guitars) and Justin (keyboards) and engineered by Mike McDonald. Don’t know anything more about them!

So “Girls Want Thrills” sounds like “Girls On Film” being sung but with some quirky guitar and synth work going on, anyone for Devo. “Stay” breaks the mould with some epic keyboards in a classic New Romantic style. ( a bit like Ultravox) The other side see’s the rockier “Stormy Weather” go all over the place but I still love all the tinny sounding synths (ouch, those lyrics!) The final track is suitably atmospherics,slow and weird. You even get Deep Purple riffs in what is more an Alt. Rock track. Quiet and Loud and the mad highlight of the E.P.

NEW LINK 2017 (again!)

Stolen Riff Records ‎– E1022

A1 Girls Want Thrills
A2 Stay
B1 Stormy Weather
B2 Shadows


8 thoughts on “Systems Of Romance – Dare The Dance (E.P.)”

  1. We were in the LA area about 1985. They had gigged some around town, but the band eventually broke up and people went their separate ways. Timm went solo. Matt Falentine was the bass player and joined another band in LA that was gigging alot. Not sure what happened to the drummer Ray, but he was a cool guy.

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