Landscape – European Man (12″)

I do have this somewhere but repurchased it in Amsterdam and a very apt title as I seemed to have made the DAM my second home. From 1980 and with the quality input from Richard James Burgess and his electronic drums. Burgess went on to produce Spandau Ballet, Adam Ant, Kim Wilde and even Five Star. Landscape will always be remembered for  the quirky and very short single “Einstein A Go Go” (some may know the glacier and weird “Norman Bates” release which nearly troubled the charts) This was before this and saw them move into the world of computer music with graphics and typography from high end computers, in the track there is even a voice reading out programming data for the Roland MC-8 Sequencer. No slow build up to the 12″ , straight into the electronics. B-side shows Landscape go back to their more jazz roots, a weird little instrumental but at least you get lots of cheesy electronic drums and a rock guitar solo???. A Great remix on the A-side, reminds me of Heaven 17’s Fascist Groove Thang in terms of percussion.


RCA ‎– EDMT 1landscapefrontcov

A European Man
B The Mechanical Bride

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