David Bowie & Blondie – Let’s Dance / Rapture (DJ Promo 12″)


More Bootleg action with this from the very modern 2004!!! Featuring two iconic 80’s tunes here with the original 12″s included alongside the remixes so you can compare. Very vague information about the remixers. “Let’s Dance” has been butchered into a thumping house track, with a Eurohouse bass-line and spacey dub effects, keeping the vocals which makes it a bizarre blend, shame it all goes all wonky E.Q. towards the end as the mixer runs out of ideas. “Rapture” is slightly better keeping the funky bass and not messing around too much with it just with some added percussion.



Addictive Vinyl ‎– ADDV 07SAM_6972

A1 David Bowie Lets Dance (Remix 2004)
A2 David Bowie Lets Dance (Original)
B1 Blondie Rapture (Remix 2004)
B2 Blondie Rapture (Original)

6 thoughts on “David Bowie & Blondie – Let’s Dance / Rapture (DJ Promo 12″)”

  1. niiiice!!!

    More like this (and the REM Promo Mixes) … love to hear some of the old gems remixed, even if they are not better than the original. These bootleg remixes are usually better than any official, formulaic remixes!

    T.t.H.h.A.a.N.n.K.k. .Y.y.O.o.U.u.

  2. Liking this too! Especially the Lets Dance mix. Thank you for sharing.

    The recording, however, sounds kinda flat to my ear…like it’s missing some high-end. Click repair might be the villain because it removes a lot of “presence” and life-like quality along with the vinyl noise. Just curious, what software do you use to clean up your recordings?

    1. I use very little adjustment just a little loudness and a very slight stereo adjustment now. No vinyl repairing at all anymore (RAW). To me it is the vinyl and recording itself on the wax. My other rips should be much better, at least from my end.



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