Nasty Rox Inc. – Escape From New York (12″)

Back to 1988 and a short-lived project by Trevor Horn at ZTT and probably in response to Age Of Chance’s success, as well as Sique Sique Sputnik and Westworlds. From Discogs – “A  pioneering band who were among the first to attempt to mix rock and club music. The four key members (C J Mackintosh, Dan Fox, John Waddell and Leo T) were augmented by Dave Dorrell (later to be involved in the legendary M|A|R|R|S project) who was described as their “pop instigator” – a role lying somewhere between fifth-member and band manager.” Super pristine production and THAT late 80’s bouncing bass, all New Jack swing with sampled horns, scratches and vocal samples. Side B is really similar to side A, it was hard to tell the difference!  Reminds me of Tackhead and  Colourbox (who did morph into M|A|R|R|S.) No wonder they supported Pop Will Eat Itself!

ZTT ‎– NROX 1nastyfrontcov

A Escape From New York
B Escape From New York 2

6 thoughts on “Nasty Rox Inc. – Escape From New York (12″)”

  1. Of course you do. It’s just that the 80s were so much more rewarding and as you can see I will vividly follow your blog whichever way you take it. 🙂

  2. The Nasty Rox Inc single was sort of a follow up to Pump Up The Volume as it had the dance half of MARRS’s members in Dorrell and Mackintosh. It’s in the same realm but doesn’t really meet Pump Up The Volume’s success at crossing genres for my ears.

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