Beautiful People Featuring Jimi Hendrix ‎– Rilly Groovy (US 12″)

So not got too much faceless early 90’s dance music on here so I thought this might be interesting. From 1993 and containing samples of Jimi Hendrix, mostly spoken word snippets and guitar licks from the infamous Monterey festival performance put to a “4 to the Floor” House beat. The original version has the most guitar licks in a more chilled out, jazzy groove and is the best of the bunch, less banging!

Beautiful People comprised of the drummer from Bush, Robin Goodridge, Luke Baldry and Duncan Kane and had a more musical approach to dance music, with nods to 60’s Psychedelia by sampling Jimi Hendrix and The Rolling Stones.

Continuum Records ‎– 12315-jimihendrixcov

1A –Rilly Groovy (Ripe Fruity Mix) –6:55

B1 –Rilly Groovy (Vibe Sauce “Dig This” Mix) –4:18

B2 –Rilly Groovy (Original Version) –4:44

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