Silent Running – 2 X Twelves

So Mike has provided a couple of 12’s from this forgotten 80’s Power Pop band that I loved then and still quite enjoy!

Silent Running – No Faith Is Blind (12″)

I do actually own this so it was nice to hear it again after buying it for the princely sum of 20p back in 1985! I like the way it has more synths and has a suitably 80’s mix by Paul “Groucho” Smykle , cue massive drums and a nod to the chug chug guitar found on a few Billy Idol releases. Additional track is the fast, frantic and rocky, “Business As Usual.”

Also on the B-side we have their debut single, from 1983, which has a lot of U2-isms about it and was produced by Nick Tauber. (Thin Lizzy) This , surprisingly, did not appear on the album.


Parlophone ‎– 12RA 6104 SAM_4846

A No Faith Is Blind (Special Conviction Mix)
B1 Business As Usual
B2 When The Twelfth Of Never Comes

Silent Running – Young Hearts (12″)

Bubbling synths start off this epic from 1984 . Remixed by Pete Hammond the keyboards are brought up more into the mix. Simple Minds-a-like but a great song and a great remix. Art Of Noise member J.J. Jeczalik and engineer mess around with the other mix dubby and warping it about and using vocal outtakes. Album track “Crimson Days” appears here too, slightly different from the album version.


Parlophone ‎– 12R 6073

A Young Hearts (Extended Mix) 5:40
B1 Young Hearts (Sudden Africa Mix) 6:08
B2 Crimson Days 4:00


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