Living In A Box – Scales Of Justice (12″)

So not “Living In A Box” by “Living In A Box” nope that would be too bleeding obvious. So we get a later offering by Go West, (oops!) I mean Living In A Box. Pristine production by Tom Lord Alge and nicely remixed by Mr. Arthur Baker, toughened up on the “Groove Mix.” with extra keyboards. The normal and long 12″ is an edit by Junior Vasquez and has a more than feel of Miami Sound Machine about it. Richard James Burgess produces the Pre-Ecstasy drug track “Ecstasy” turns out to be electro funk with a very big doff of the cap to Level 42 or Cameo but with a synth bass instead.


Chrysalis ‎– LIBX 2livingscalefrontcov

A1 Scales Of Justice (Vocal) 7:46
A2 Ecstasy (12″ Version) 4:29
B Scales Of Justice (Groove Mix) 7:40


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