Shriekback – Twelves Part 1 (The Y Record Years)


So Mike B was a bit of Shriekback fan too! And has kindly ripped his 12″ collection for us to enjoy. (Mike has discovered RAW ripping so if you ask nicely he may re-rip them with crackles and everything!)

Shriekback – Sexthinkone (1982) (US 12″)

A raw early 12″ from them, their debut in fact. Primitive synths and vintage drum machines, mutant disco with marimba. Quite dark and almost echoing early OMD it was released on the indie label, Y Records. Complete with minimalist and avantgarde B-side, “Here Comes The Handclap” Mixes are done by Dick O’Dell, the label boss and later member of U Bahn X


Y America ‎– Y USA 3 sexcov

A – Sexthinkone (Exotic Mix) – 5:23

B1 – Sexthinkone – 3:40

B2 – Here Comes My Handclap (Disc O’Dell Remix) – 3:27




Shriekback – All Lined Up (1983) (US 12″)

Their breakthrough release and the one with THAT bassline. Again self produced and then remixed by Disc O’Dell and Brad Grisdale. People have compared them to a dark Gang Of 4 via XTC. The instrumental version is a little bit worn but at least you get the crazy B-side, a jovial funeral march with some gibbering in the background ??


Warner Bros. Records ‎– 0-29654shrieklinecov

A Lined Up 5:12
B1 Lined Up (Instrumental) 5:00
B2 Hapax Legomena 4:00


Shriekback – Lined Up : My Spine (1983) (UK 12″)

So a Double A-side with their most well known track backed by “All Lined Up”, so bring on that bouncing bass on “My Spine (Is The Bassline)” and I’d forgotten how good it was but it fades out too quickly! Additionally you get a dubbed instrumental mix “Into Method” with strategic use of Tubular Bells and I good mix of “Accretions” with vocoder/treated vocals and it is just a funky.


Y Records ‎– YT 106 SAM_8384

A1 Accretions (Monstrous Dance Mix) 6:25
A2 Into Method (Planet Mix) 3:19
AA1 Lined Up (Sinuous Dance Mix) 4:00
AA2 My Spine (Is The Bassline) 4:00


6 thoughts on “Shriekback – Twelves Part 1 (The Y Record Years)”

  1. Hi djjedredy, would love to see new links for the Shiekback 12″s part one. Thanks for the BEST cool blog and for any re-ups.

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