Shriekback ‎– Nemesis (Arch-Deviant Mix) (12″)

Some more from Shriekback from 1985 (there is a definite theme at the moment!)  So another cut from “Oil And Gold” in a weird, almost Nursery chant sort of way, plenty of early sampling action going on. The 12″ version certainly breaks it down nicely to build it up again with all that lovely treated guitar and metal bashing and a film sample. Is it me or was Andrew Eldritch listening to this before he put out “This Corrosion” a few years later, it does have a similar feel to it! B-side is their early single ,”Suck” live from 1984 at Hatfield Polytechnic (Polytechnic’s do you remember them?) Immense synth action mixed with guitars and bass, I’d love to of seen these live!


Arista ‎– SHRK 223nemesiscov

A Nemesis (Arch-Deviant Mix)
B1 Nemesis (7″ Version)
B2 Suck (Live)

Silly me! Here is the US 12″ as well, with the normal and I think, on listening, better extended version 12″ version. Still the same B-side,though.


Island Records ‎– 0-96874nemisisnormalcov

A –Nemesis –6:00

B –Suck (Live) –4:55

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