Images In Vogue – Call It Love (Canadian 12″)

A couple from Mike B now from the year , er, 1985. More New Romantic shapes thrown by Images In Vogue (they so wanted to be European!) via a bit of Sparks doing Bowie. With soon to be Skinny Puppy band members David Ogilvie on engineering duty and cEvin Key on percussion and a member who would later form Numb. This is far removed from the industrial sound of Skinny Puppy and Numb with guitar mixing well with the synths. The B-side , “The Swim”, is darker with weird electronic percussion.


WEA ‎– 25 91280imagescov

A Call It Love (Extended Mix) 5:33
B1 Call It Love 3:48
B2 The Swim 4:43

5 thoughts on “Images In Vogue – Call It Love (Canadian 12″)”

  1. Great! If there are any more of the Images (especially early stuff) please do post it – they’re so hard to find and not all the songs surfaced on compilations (strangely).

  2. Just noticed the B-side song has a nice E-bow section in it… I guess Big Country didn’t have the market completely cornered (along with Bill Nelson).

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