Scruffy The Cat – High Octane Revival (E.P.)

So some Alt-Country by the founding father’s, Scruffy The Cat, from Boston and their debut release from 1986. Six short and punchy tracks, the 2 stand out tracks being the tremendous, “Buy A Car” and furious last track “Happiness To Go.”


From Wiki

Lead singer Charlie Chesterman (R.I.P.) and bassist Mac Paul Stanfield played together in The Law, one of Iowa’s first punk bands, in the late 1970’s along with future Young Fresh Fellows drummer Tad Hutchinson. Chesterman and Stanfield moved from Iowa to Boston to become part of that city`s more active music scene. In 1983, they met guitarist Stephen Fredette, drummer Randall Lee Gibson IV and banjo player Stona Fitch and began prowling local clubs

So their is a definite punk element to their output but it has more a traditional rock and roll flavour, as the sample above demonstrates.

Relativity ‎– 88561-8115-1scruffycov

A1 40 Days & 40 Nights
A2 Land Of 1000 Girls
A3 Life Is Fun
B1 Tiger, Tiger
B2 Buy A Car
B3 Happiness To Go!

In The Nursery – Twins (Vinyl LP)

Ambient meets early Industrial in this complex listen from Sheffield duo , In The Nursery. From 1986, it sees  Klive and Nigel Humberstone in 4AD “Cocteau Twins” mode (especially the second side)Their debut album, in parts, has an almost modern classical feel to it with Gus Ferguson (Pigface, Test Dept) on Cello. The industrial tracks have militaristic drums and primitive samples. “Judgement On Paris” is an example of where the duo wanted to go, down the classical route with the voice of Elaine McLeod.

Sweatbox ‎– SAX 014 twinsfrontcov

1 Timbre 1:35
2 Twins 4:55
3 Workcorps 4:49
4 Profile 63 3:27
5 Huntdown 4:27
6 The Outsider 3:50
7 Judgement Of Paris 4:35
8 Joaquin 3:23
9 + 2:32
10 Intertwine 2:18

Terrovision – My House (LTD Edition 12″)

A change of style as I turn all Rock Rap with this early track from Bradford’s Terrorvision. From 1993 and the heavy crunch of guitar is augmented with the added remix skills of Danny Saber (Agent Provocateur, Black Grape) giving it more of a hip hop beat, it certainly toughens up the original. The “Machete Mix” mix even has a guest rapper, The Godfather. The B-sides has an extended rock cover of Talking Heads “Psycho Killer” a definite band wig out!

Total Vegas Recordings ‎– 12VEGASG 5


A My House (Attic Mix) 5:38
B1 My House (Machete Mix) 5:48
B2 Psycho Killer (Extended Mix) 5:01

Nine Inch Nails – The Perfect Drug – Versions (US Promo 3 x 12″)

So Mike B has been working hard re-ripped some stuff with his new recording set up and they do sound mighty fine and a lot clearer!

(If you want any stuff re-ripping or re-upping please ask nicely and between us we can see what we can do!)

No more dance stuff for a while. (YIPPEE! Cheer the majority!) Looking at my download stats it seems the bigger names are getting the majority of downloads. No surprise, the Pet Shop Boys vinyl pack has been extremely popular.

So onwards with a small trip down Industrial alley, turning right at some Rock Rap and finishing with some I do plan my segue’s. I have currently ran out of vinyl! Purchases will need to be made or I might have to open the dreaded CD store!! DUR- DUR – DUUUUR!

So from 1997 and another thing I have on CD single (Somewhere) is this pack of 12 inches which includes the rare Aphrodite mix. All the big hitters of the time had a go with Reznor’s fast and furious paen to drugs and love. Meat Beat Manifesto layers on the beat as only he can with suitable dub effects and scratching. The NIN mix (Reznor and Keith Hillebrandt) is suitably dark , industrial and disturbing but shame it takes most of the vocals out. It builds and builds then BANG, grabs you around the throat. Luke Vibert gives a suitably techno noir offering with plenty of breaks and a rolling bass line and keeping that haunting piano riff. (my personal favourite). Aphrodite (Welshman Gavin King) brings some Drum n’ Bass to the table with plenty of additional synths, great to hear this. The Orb spaces it out on an ambient trip with weird noises building into a clanking monster, Trent the Dalek, quite a short mix by their standards! Finally we get Jonah Sharp under his Spacetime Continuum moniker keeping it trippy and dreamlike, very nice.

Nothing Records ‎– INT8P-6164, INT8P-6165,INT8P-6166perfectcov

1-A The Perfect Drug (Meat Beat Manifesto Remix) 7:34
1-B The Perfect Drug (Nine Inch Nails Remix) 8:18
2-A The Perfect Drug (Plug Remix) 6:45
2-B The Perfect Drug (Aphrodite Remix) 6:10
3-A The Perfect Drug (The Orb Remix) 6:13
3-B The Perfect Drug (Spacetime Continuum Remix) 5:50


Various – Gridlock! 3 – Razormaid Remixes (2 x 12″)


So even more dance stuff with this interesting DJ Pack of remixes of various US underground electronic groups from 1992. Done by the Razormaid guys the songs are quite stripped down and geared to more EBM than house. Highlights are the Eurosynth of “Patience” by Celebrate The Nun and Endzeit dark synthpop on “Running”.Diva Jamie Dee sounds like your typical party, handbag house. Of it’s time with a Kraftwerk fixation via Depeche Mode and France!

Okay I’ve not really sold it! Ignore everything and enjoy the “unofficial” Kraftwerk mega mix lurking in the middle, it is very nice!

Razormaid Records ‎– Grid 3


A1 Red Flag Rhythmic Vibrations (’92 Dance Mix By Chris & Mark…Silence!)
A2 Celebrate The Nun Patience (Digital Mix By Art Maharg)
B1 Endzeit Running (Digital Mix By Art Maharg)
B2 Jamie Dee Burnin’ Up (Digital Mix By Joseph Watt)
C Kraftwerk The Mix – Medley (Digital Deconstruction By Art Maharg)
D1 Abyale I Wanna Be Your Lover Too (Digital Mix By Warren Sanford)
D2 François Feldman C’est Toi Qui M’as Fait (Digital Mix By Joseph Watt)


Propaganda – p : machinery (t-empo remixes) (12″)


So I’ve already got this on CD single somewhere so thanks Mike for reminding me with your 12″ rip and a decent revisit from 1995 it is too, remixed by T-Empo (Adam Clough, Colin Thorpe and Tim Lennox) it’s speeded up and polished but with no harm done to the spirit of the original, although it does sound quite commercial for all the extra bells and whistles on the edit. The actual main mix is over 12 min long and keeps most of the original parts (the guitar and that drum breakdown) but in a progressive house builder.


Seven Records (UK) ‎– SEVE 04T propcov

A p:Machinery (The Adventure Continues) 12:03
B1 p:Machinery (The Adventurous Edit) 3:45
B2 p:Machinery (Adventurous Instrumental) 12:03

10,000 Maniacs – More Than This (12″)

A reasonable cover of the Roxy Music classic dance-ified up to the max. From 1997 and given the once over by Todd Terry , probably after he’d finished clubbing Everything But The Girl! Great harmonies from the American group and their front woman, Mary Ramsey but just not sure about the dance bits fits ? The “Airways” mix goes all techno synthpop, thank God for that voice although they mess around with it!



Geffen Records ‎– GFST 22284morecov

A1 More Than This (Hard Club Mix) 7:14
A2 More Than This (Airways 12” Vocal Mix) 7:47
B1 More Than This (Tee’s Frozen Dub Mix) 6:47
B2 More Than This (Tee’s Radio Edit) 3:26

Love And Rockets – R.I.P. 20C / So Alive (Mixes) (US Promo 12″)

More from Mike B with this group of remixes of some Love And Rockets stuff, mangled and modified beyond recognition and released in 1998. We get a slice of Tech House on the first mix by Junior Sanchez. A pretty good electro clash mix by Douglas DeAngelis (Manhatten Project) which keeps the E-Bow guitar with a bubbling bassline.

“So Alive” gets a work over by Roger Sanchez (no relation) keeping the seedy vocal in but with a house beat and what seem’s to be backing vocals provided by the Martian’s from “War Of The Worlds.” Finally we get the driving progressive house of the Fiery Dub, mighty fine!

Red Ant Entertainment ‎– PROR82-1 SAM_3418

A1 R.I.P. 20C (2techmix) 6:31
A2 R.I.P. 20C (Christian’s Burial Mix) 7:43
B1 So Alive (S-Man’s Deep Space Mix) 7:49
B2 So Alive (S-Man’s Fiery Dub) 7:05

Baby Ford – Children Of The Revolution (US 12″)

From 1989 and keeping with the dance theme and also a good contender for “How Not To Do A Cover” ( a regular series on fellow blogger Jezbionic’s very humorous site over  here at this blast of synthy house from Baby Ford (a.k.a. Peter Frank Adshead who originally hailed from one of my old stomping grounds, Bolton! ). A commercial house remake of 1960’s T-Rex’s,  camp as Christmas and barely redeemable. The main mix has Jeremiah Healy involved and toughens it up with some acid noodle before those camp vocals. To make it worth a listen you have a couple of proper House trax with the driving old skool of his debut, “Ford Trax”, with a sample of lady describing how to rave and a direct references to Larry “Mr. Fingers” Heard in the bassline. The icing on this day-glo bun is the inclusion of a mix of the acid classic “Oochy Koochy” engineered and jointly remixed by Mark McGuire.



Sire ‎– 0-21290 babycov

A1 Children Of The Revolution (Full 12″ Version) 7:52
A2 Children Of The Revolution (Euro Version) 6:08
B1 Oochy Koochy (Konrad Cadet Version) 5:46
B2 Ford Trax 4:55


Jungle Brothers / Richie Rich / Funtopia ‎– Dolcis Shake Shake Shake Your Bootie (Picture Disc 12″)

So the dreaded picture disc, looks good and plays shite…….ah well! I’ve kept the tracks from this Limited Edition Freebie from the now defunct Dolcis shoe shop “as is”, basically buggered. (I could always try to mold some vinyl shoes from this record!) But I still love label boss, Richie Rich’s “My DJ (Pump It Up Some)” creative, sampled robbery and the standout track! (enjoy the vid)

So, for masochists everywhere!


Gee Street ‎– LF 001

A1 Jungle Brothers I’ll House You (The 1990 Re-recording)
A2 Richie Rich My DJ (Pump It Up Some)
B1 Jungle Brothers Because I Got It Like That (The Richie Rich Remix)
B2 Funtopia Freedom (Remix By Richie Rich)