General Public – Some Twelves Part 2


Okay Part 2 of this General Public compilation provided by Mike B. Where we see them going more synthpop mainstream and away from Ska Roots.

General Public – Too Much Or Nothing (US 12″)

From 1986 and a single off their second album, “Hand To Mouth.” So we get the female backing vocals and more synth making them sound a bit like Go West via ABC through a shortcut of Sussodio by Phil Collins. Lots of brass and a catchy chorus remixed by Steve Beltran in L.A with that 80’s big drum sound and handful of similar mixes.


I.R.S. Records ‎– IRS-23683

A1 Too Much Or Nothing (Extended Dance Mix) 7:02toomuchcov
A2 Too Much Or Nothing (Dub Mix) 4:50
B1 Too Much Or Nothing (Dance Radio Edit) 4:50
B2 Too Much Or Nothing (Instrumental) 4:50
B3 Too Much Or Nothing (A Capella) 4:48

General Public – Faults And All (UK 12″)

From 1986 and the most sounding like “The Beat” than any of the other stuff. Synth led but it has a definite 2-Tone feel to it. Not sure the synth works it does make it sound cheesy as does the 12″ remix effects but it’s very catchy.  It uses the same sleeve as “Too Much Or Nothing:” obviously the “old” band sound was marketed for the UK audience as it was not released in the US. The extra track is a lively, instrumental track off the film “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” a lively bit of Ska.


Virgin ‎– VS 870-12


A Faults And All (Extended Mix) 5:39
B1 Faults And All (7″ Version) 3:34
B2 Taking The Day Off 3:54

General Public – In Conversation (US 12″)

Using the same production team of Keith Cohen (Engineer) and Steve Beltran remixing the bands self produced track and again from “Hand To Mouth” but released in 1987. More Howard Jones than Howard Jones and very catchy. The “Small Talk” mix is just a dub version.


I.R.S. Records ‎– IRS-23734 SAM_5381

A1 In Conversation (Dance Mix) 5:58
A2 In Conversation (Small Talk Mix) 5:48
B1 In Conversation (Single Remix) 4:25
B2 In Conversation (Bonus Beats) 2:23

General Public – I’ll Take You There (US 12″)

So 1994 and a reformed General Public do a cover of the Motown classic “I’ll Take You There” by the Staples Sisters,in a UB40 style! The other mixes are more dance flavour, deep house grooves by Satoshi Tomiie. Off the film soundtrack of “Threesome” (No, I’ve never seen it either.) So some long mixes and a bit of toasting from Ranking Roger.


Epic ‎– 49 77460i'llcov

A1 I’ll Take You There (Extended 7″ Mix) 5:06
A2 I’ll Take You There (Sunshine Club Mix) 8:20
B1 I’ll Take You There (Hoya Tribe Trip) 9:55
B2 I’ll Take You There (Baby Says Huh? Dub) 5:14

19 thoughts on “General Public – Some Twelves Part 2”

      1. Mike B.
        Thank you.
        This is now a good audio quality.
        The difference is now obvious.
        It is very pleasant to listen to them in this way.
        Thank you once again.

  1. Thanks for all the G.P. posts and the recording and re-recordings! I only had a few of these 12 inches (from both posts), so no matter what, I’m happy to have a recording nonetheless. Thanks!!

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