Pet Shop Boys -Club Mixes From The Pet Shop Boys Introspective Album (3X 12″)

So more rare stuff from Mike with this DJ pack from The Pet Shop Boys at the height of their power from 1988. Their third album, “Introspective” with some added remixes. Collaborating with all the hippest DJ’s, producers and bands of the time (Marshall Jefferson, Frankie Knuckles, Trevor Horn and Stephen Lipson, Julien Mendelsohn, Shep Pettibone and Junior Vasquez)

It’s breathtaking stuff, PSB at their pomp and well ahead of the game, with added bonus of some rare mixes, a true, synthpop gem!


EMI USA ‎– SPRO# 04231 / 04232 SAM_5825

A I Want A Dog (LP Version) 6:15
B I’m Not Scared (LP Version) 7:23
C It’s Alright (LP Version) 9:24
D Always On My Mind/In My House (LP Version) 9:05
E1 Left To My Own Devices (Shep Pettibone Mix) 9:25
E2 Left To My Own Devices (Device Mix) 7:45
F1 Domino Dancing (Base Mix) 5:53
F2 Always On My Mind (Shep’s Holiday Mix) 5:40
F3 Always On My Mind (Shep’s House) 7:28

21 thoughts on “Pet Shop Boys -Club Mixes From The Pet Shop Boys Introspective Album (3X 12″)”

  1. Brilliant stuff, and they even saved some for much later release including the Frankie Knuckles piano mix and dub of Left To My Own Devices!

  2. sweet! thank you so much for this Re-uppage. i didn’t even know it existed. these remixes were not included in their Further Listening series. for shame! what they need to do is release a massive, complete singles box set with every damn mix and B-side including unreleased material. one can dream. cheers from NYC!

  3. This was truly ahead of it’s time, and I loved that they “covered” their own track “I’m Not Scared”, even though the “original” by 8th Wonder is a million times better (maybe cause Patsy Kensit is so damn cute)


  4. Thanks for re-upping, but something weird is going on. I am only getting a TextEdit file, rather than an MP3 or other audio file. If you could fix it that would be great. Happy Christmas, and thanks for this great blog

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