Sophie And Peter Johnston ‎– Sophie And Peter Johnston (Vinyl LP)

So a swansong album (their only album) from synth duo , Sophie and Peter Johnston from 1987 with tracks polished up so much that they sound like big studio productions but were all produced from Peter Johnston’s front room. Amazing quality! Hailing from Newcastle they were brother and sister, no marketing gimmicks or stylists just honest 3 min pop songs composed on synths. (I bet Erasure were taking notes!) Sounding across between Propaganda and Everything But The Girl the highlight tracks are the opener “Television Satellite” (produced by Mike Howlett) and the epic “Sold On You.” Closing track “Brain Def” see’s Peter Johnson go in Rap mode with lots of samples, Eeek! Also on here is their most well known track “Happy Together.” (I do have the 12″ somewhere)


WEA ‎– WX127 sophiecov

A1 Television Satellite
A2 Open Up
A3 A Bigger Tempation
A4 Take That Jerkin Off!
A5 Some Sunny Day
A6 Happy Together
B1 Torn Open
B2 Run Away
B3 I Want You To Know
B4 No Time
B5 Sold On You
B6 Brain Def



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