Yello ‎– Live At The Roxy N.Y. Dec 83 (Single Sided 12″)


So a sequence of synth stuff I’ve acquired from a trip to the sleepy Ludlow. First up is the classic full version of Yello’s “Live At The Roxy” (not the Highlights) Weird, groundbreaking, avant garde but definitely a seminal piece from 1983 but released in 1984. More a soundtrack for an Art installation you create in your mind. A clean piece of vinyl, for a change, I’d forgotten how bassy it was, almost sub woofer frequencies! Recorded digitally on a 24 track by the German, Aura Sonic founder ,Steven Remote who specialized in live recordings. 15 minutes to be enjoyed with a cold beer after a hard days work. Still can’t decipher the ramblings of Dieter Meier after all these years!

Vertigo ‎– 822 262-1Qyellolivecov

A-Live At The Roxy N.Y. Dec.’83- 15:00

5 thoughts on “Yello ‎– Live At The Roxy N.Y. Dec 83 (Single Sided 12″)”

  1. I saw the last half of that show…for some reason my friends and I couldn’t manage to make it early enough for the start. It was a pretty amazing night, and we searched out the after party which the Mael Brothers didn’t bother attending in the end.
    The Roxy was primarily a Hip Hop club and on rare occasions they had performances by other artists. Madonna played there the same year as Sparks, if I remember correctly. At the time Sparks was big with dj’s like Jellybean Benitez and he would work songs like Beat The Clock into his sets at The Funhouse, up the road from The Roxy.

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