Marc Almond – Ruby Red (Re-Edited And Re-Structured) (12″)

marcedMike Hedges synths this track up by Marc Almond from 1986.

So something quite rare but quite static-ky (I have left it in it’s natural, untainted state – you want to clean it up you go ahead!!) Yup it’s very synth, harking back to the Soft Cell days. A total rework considering the original is up on here.


GLOW 3 13rubyredcov

A-Ruby Red (Special Re-Recorded Extended Dance Mix)-7:41

B1-Ruby Red (Instrumental)7:41-

B2-I’m Sick Of You Tasting Of Somebody Else-3:31

5 thoughts on “Marc Almond – Ruby Red (Re-Edited And Re-Structured) (12″)”

  1. Ruby Red has the feeling of a song that could have come out between The Art Of Falling Apart and This Last Night In Sodom. Marc doing what Marc does best – infecting his pop with twisted drama.

  2. Thank you for this! I have this on 12″ too, and must have converted it from vinyl to wav many years ago, but it is now buried in my many hard drives! This will give me a new impetus to listen to it again.

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