Smash Mouth ‎– Walkin’ On The Sun (US Promo 12″)

The classic indie, groovy crossover hit from Smash Mouth and keeping it in the 1990’s, 1997 to be exact!  When Mike first sent this over I thought he typo-ed the remixers name “Feet Beat Manifesto” instead of Jack Dangers “Meat Beat Manifesto” but is nothing to do with the might Mr. Dangers but one of his mates from the band  Consolidated, the drummer, Philip Steir. So he adds some additional percussion and space age whooshes, jazz licks and Acid bubbles. His “Love Attack” mix is harder, more dance floor orientated and industrial having been remixed by Jim Pratt and Steven Seibold (Damage Manual, Pigface)

Interscope Records ‎– INT8P 6259


A1 Walkin’ On The Sun (Feet Beat Manifesto Mix) 4:37
A2 Walkin’ On The Sun (Feet Beat Manifesto Instrumental Mix) 4:36
A3 Walkin’ On The Sun (Feet Beat Manifesto Mix (Radio Edit)) 4:06
B1 Walkin’ On The Sun (Love Attack Mix) 5:36
B2 Walkin’ On The Sun (Love Attack Mix (Radio Edit)) 4:14

INXS Feat Ray Charles – Please (You Got That…) (UK 12″)

So for completists everywhere here is the 1993,  UK 12″ of “Please (You Got That…..) I already posted the US Promo on here a few weeks back but this adds the “Downtown Instrumental” to the collection of mixes, a nice cut of melodic house in it’s own right mixed by E-Smoove; no hardcore clubber would of guessed it was INXS!


Mercury ‎– INXS 2612 pleasedcov

A1 Please (You Got That…) (Club Need Mix) 8:00
A2 Please (You Got That…) (Needful Dub Mix) 7:28
B1 Please (You Got That…) (Downtown Dub Mix) 6:19
B2 Please (You Got That…) (Downtown Instrumental Mix) 6:20

Real Life – Send Me An Angel ’88 (German Maxi 12″)

Okay back to some more Aussie stuff care of Mike’s vast record collection.

So the most well known track by Real Life with the rarer 1988 remix versions. Nigel Wright (UK Mixmasters) doesn’t muck around with it too much, cleaning up the synth sound on both quite similar mixes. The “Cloud 9 Mix” sounding a little bit more modern but has that late 80’s , early house beat and is a little cheesy and drags a bit. Rrrrrright Now.


Curb Records ‎– INT 127.720 realangelcov

A Send Me An Angel (Heaven No. 7 Mix) 6:14
B Send Me An Angel (Cloud Nine Mix) 5:53


Trans X – Living On Video (12″)

Well if I’ve put Vicious Pink up this should surely follow. (It was already posted up here sometime ago!) From 1985 and a Euro Dance classic with the voice of Laurie Gill accompanying  the camp vocals of Canadian  Pascal Languirand. Originally released in 1983 this was given a remix by Claude Allard with the Dub Mix being my personal favourite. I like the primitive sounding synthpop of  “Digital World” (something that Howard Jones would knock up in his Garden Shed !)

Boiling Point ‎– POSPX 650 transcov.jpg

A Living On Video (’85 Big Mix) 5:32
B1 Living On Video (Dub Mix) 6:30
B2 Digital World 3:30

Vicious Pink – Fetish (US 12″)

pinkedFrom 1985 and some Vicious Pink, this particular track went down a storm in the early Goth clubs. Vicious Pink were the duo of Brian Moss and Josie Warren with a heavy reliance on the Fairlight CMI. The Dance mix is given a remix by John “Tokes” Potoker making it sound like an early Techno track with that bassline, a synth classic with the very coy, risque lyrics.  B-side “Spooky” is more funky than electro with cheesy, primitive Hallowe’en samples and even sampled guitar.

Manhattan Records ‎– V-56003 viciousbackcov

A Fetish (Dance Mix) 6:20
B1 Fetish 3:18
B2 Spooky 3:14

Wall Of Voodoo – Do It Again (US 12″)

Sounding like some deranged Beach Boys tribute act this later offering (Post Stan Ridgeway) from Wall Of Voodoo was released in 1987 (It was a Beach Boys cover from 1968!) . Shades of Robert Palmer’s “Addicted to Love” it has that 80’s BIG drum sound and utilizes the Synclavier for all the instrumental cut ups. Again it is remixed by Power Productions (the duo of Modig and Granich) given it an 80’s sheen on the production.

Accompanied by a deliberate surreal video with Brian Wilson in, trying to out Devo Devo!


I.R.S. Records ‎– IRS-23694 doitcov

A1 Do It Again (Extended Mix) 7:27
A2 Do It Again (Bonus Beats) 3:09
B1 Do It Again (Single Version) 3:18
B2 Do It Again (Dub Mix) 6:12

Billy Idol – Don’t Need A Gun (US 12″)

I didn’t know Billy Idol had made a bit of a comeback. So thanks to my exiled German relatives, Ben and Fiona for reintroducing me to him. It’s called “Kings And Queens Of the Underworld” and sees him mixing it up with a bit of technology thrown in for good measure, helping to freshen up that Rock sound. He is so much more than “White Wedding”/”Rebel Yell” and people forget he’s English. Anyways this is a classic slice of Idol from the album, “Whiplash Smile.” Given a thorough remix by Freddy Bastone mixing rock and technology perfectly (there’s a great guitar solo in there and what a voice!) Still sounds quite fresh! B-side is an album track “Fatal Charm” which has almost industrial sounds for 1986. It appeared in Nightmare On Elm Street 4, true techno rock!


Chrysalis ‎– 4V9 43090biilycov

A Don’t Need A Gun (Melt Down Mix) 7:05
B1 Don’t Need A Gun (Acapella Version) 3:02
B2 Fatal Charm 3:41




Art Of Noise – Paranoia ’89 (US 12″)


artedA bit of a break from the Aussie stuff now with some more rare US 12’s from Mike. This originally came out in 86 with samples of current TV computer animated character, Max Headroom, all over it. Art Of Noise where trying to be less gimmicky so re-released it with a more dance floor friendly mix by Ben Liebrand, so Max had to go and so the cheesy female backing vocals. He does still mixes some of the old, classic Art Of Noise beats and noises but it’s quite a smooth and chilled remix. The Dub mix is very similar, I could hardly tell the difference. The bonus for me as a bit of an Art Of Noise Fan was hearing the refreshed “Dragnet 89” mix, given a more dance feel with a bouncing bass but maintaining those crazy samples and with some great added extras; a homage to the American cop shows of the 60’s and 70’s and , obviously, the film of the same name.



Polydor ‎– 871 957-1


A1 Paranoimia ’89 (Dance Mix) 7:14
A2 Paranoimia ’89 (7″ Version) 3:38
B1 Paranoimia ’89 (Dub Mix) 7:02
B2 Dragnet ’89 (Art Of Noise 12″ Mix) 7:15

Real Life – Babies (US 12″)

Some more from Real Life from 1986 and a bit of a classic antiwar anthem with the most bizarre, banal lyrics!! Again there is a rockier “Rock Mix” and full-on synth “Club Mix” Epic production by Ross Fraser with the remix by Boris Granich and Christer Modig (KROQ DJ Swedish Chris)

“We are , we are bleeding babies! In a Playground Battlefield!” I’ll sing this in the shower tomorrow morning!

“Exploding Bullets” get’s a remix by original producer Steve Hillage and is much less cringe worthy (just). Ah, those 80’s synths sing to me!


Curb Records ‎– MCA-23661 realbabycov

A Babies (Club Version) 7:52
B1 Babies (Rock Mix) 5:15
B2 Exploding Bullets 4:19

INXS – Never Tear Us Apart (US 12″)

My favourite INXS track from 1987/88. Sheer quality with one of the best saxophone solo’s of the 80’s (and there was lots of competition!) Of interest to fans were the 2 non-album tracks that were included on the twelve. “Move On” is a classic slice of  Hutchence vocals and good enough to be the A-side. The other B-side , “Different World” here in an extended remix with an extended drum break and some weird sampler noises, appeared on the soundtrack of “Crocodile Dundee.”



Atlantic ‎– 0-86538 Nevercov

A Never Tear Us Apart 3:02
B1 Different World (12″ Mix) 6:18
B2 Move On 4:47