English Evenings – I Will Return/Tear You Down (12″)


Classic 80’s New Wave from a band I’d not heard of before, English Evenings – like the Alarm with more electronics, anthemic synth rock. A duo of Lee Walsh and Graham Lee who out Go-Wested Go West it seems. From 1985 (and their last release) remixed by Phil Harding phasing the sound all over the place and sounding a bit like Blondie’s “Dreaming” in places ! The B-side sounds like a speeded up version of “Relax” by Frankie via Dead Or Alive, a long mix it probably includes every synth sound from 1985. This was mixed by legendary Hi Energy producer Raul A. Rodriguez (Man Parrish) doing it via DJ service Disconet. Quite a camp start to the weekend.



Safari Records ‎– SAFE LM 65 iwillcov

A I Will Return (No Surrender Mix)
AA Tear You Down (Disconet Mix)


6 thoughts on “English Evenings – I Will Return/Tear You Down (12″)”

  1. I wasn’t familiar with this but this is AMAZINGLY GOOD!!!

    This band definitely should have been much bigger at the time!

    Thank you for the introduction … gonna have to dig up some full-lengths now!

    1. J.W.

      Hey thanks a lot for this as I always wondered what the album sounded like. Also still looking for some other 12” mixes for their songs.

      Appreciate this a bunch !! Too bad blogs or sites go defunct as they, like most, have a lot of rare stuff that is hard to find or expensive !! Eightiesvinyl has a lot of Aussie stuff, hope the blogger is OK!! A few gems I would like re-upped on that blog.

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