I Have Stuff I Would Like To Share….


handpicked and coming to a blog near you……….maybe next week.

Stuff I’ve bought with an eye for the different. Now where did I put my turntable ?


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  1. Here it is – had it done a while ago – save yourself some time!

    The Danse Society – Hold On (To What You’ve Got) – UK 12” Vinyl – 1986 MP3 320.rar

  2. djjedredy,

    As the 80’s keep rollin’ on……. I’ve been doing some more vinyl buying and a deal (At Least I think so – unlike you getting even better vinyl deals over there) of 42 vinyl’s for $90 USD Incl Shp ($5 USD shipping for any amount of vinyl’s). The best I can do!

  3. I’ll have about 20-25 rips to drop here in about 9hrs from now. Finishing the batch up now (All 80’s – Early & Late).

  4. Actually I’m sending you a mini batch from my 45+ box of vinyl recent delivery (^ 90’s) yes there is one more from 1990 (go-go’s cool jerk promo remixes) the rest is up to you! Give me a couple of minutes!!

    1. The blog is in really good health at the moment with nearly 1,300 views yesterday alone (a new record for daily views)! I view this as a definite team effort so thanks for all your rips. I have about another 15 from the 90’s before I go off to forage for more. Duplicates are a problem but I only have a few copies of the same 12″ I think this blog has the widest selection of vinyl on the web so thanks a million for contributing!

      1. djjedredy,

        It’s no problem at all considering last year. Since you’ve accepted (once again I had no idea I would be doing this and no I’m not setting up a blog) what I’m ripping from my collection. From your blog and a handful others has opened up my musical taste and bring back some forgotten gems. Vinyl shopping has been full steam ahead to mainly get the Aussie stuff before it disappears. No idea why all the Australian bands on vinyl are over in the UK, Germany, Spain, Italy and the greater Europe.

        BTW – that’s great news for the blog count !!

  5. djjedredy,

    Gidday mate! So this is really a to get the FOAB (Go Figure..) over to you & bloggers plus a couple other 90’s. An INXS Promo from 1992 one prior a couple later on in the nineties. Send in a couple mins.

    1. Thanks a million Mate, I’m on Summer vacation at the moment so getting more done. It’s actually warm in Manchester, Uk, up to 31 degrees celsius!

      1. Happy to share, regardless of what it is and as long as I have it!! How about sending California some cooler weather with some rain since we’re in a drought!! This week and forward will average between 40 – 45 Celsius. Realized I do have a couple or so more 90’s. Ripping more as I type.

        Enjoy your Vacation mate !!!

      2. Hi Mike, was going through your tremendous amount of shares and I’m missing the following
        The Lords – Like A Virgin – French 12” Vinyl – 1985 (RAW) MP3 320.rar
        Floy Joy – Friday Night – UK 12” Vinyl Mixes – 1986 (RAW) MP3 320.rar
        For my Return to the 80’s!!!!

      3. Was going to put up the Wang Chung “Dance Hall Days” remix up but can’t because it has lots of jumps on quite a few tracks, any chance of a re-rip the mixes are surprisingly good! Cheers 🙂

  6. Sure (Really, had no idea it was jumping !!) I’ll Track down W.C. and redo it. Thanks for letting me know about that. Tomorrow…..

    Everything ok so far?

    How is your vacation going? Hope well !!

  7. Just smashed the daily stats record 1,400 view today !! Will need to go on a vinyl shop so I can unleash the 80’s or check back at some of my very first rips and post them on here. All is good 🙂

  8. Ok, 1 Yello coming your way remixes from the 90’s (Yello Exception I hope!?)

  9. 2 more YELLO from 92 & 95 (My Apologies forgot I had these) this will be it for Yello. Seems like you have Yello covered nicely on here !!

    After these will be 80’s batch mixed up ….!

  10. Sssh, don’t tell anyone but the Talk Talk & Yello 90’s mixes will have to wait until next week since your having an 80’s summer roundup!!

    Time to step up the 80’s now…..

    Do I have some 80’s for you, hang in there in the next day or so
    80’s will be coming to a MyVinylDreams blog near you!

  11. Glad to see you’re back safe and sound. No vinyl from the trip – understood!! It happens !!!

    Here is the R.H. fully contained and I’ve been busy with a lot of ripping so maybe I’ll swing a few if I have time but a good lot of them will be over there Mon or Tues next week.

  12. No vinyl? Perhaps it was a fine vacation then. IDK if I could do that. I would have to have set aside an afternoon of diggin’ I fully get the ‘no room’ to bring it home, but that’s when I use the local Post Office and ship it all back home rather than try to pack it for the flight/ride back! All good. Welcome back!

    1. The problem is I did see some gems but the price (and baggage space) put me off! Regret it now but I like your Post Office idea!

      1. I fully understand. My last ‘out of town’ record shopping spree was in San Diego (CA.) about 4 years ago. Bought about 40 records and had them shipped back to my house. Not to pricey depending on the service you pick. They arrived at my house a day after I got back…lol!

  13. 80’s it is…25 stacked up! Find some enjoyment out of these….!!

    1. I think I’ve got another 20+ myself, looks like we may be going into October at the rate 😁

      1. That’s Ok. As you mentioned before 80’s is the more dominant decade and I believe some of your fans have also agreed to as well!!

        Found some 90’s that I could have sworn they were late 80’s (More 90’s will be ready later on).

        Then I also will be working on another block of Aussie vinyl’s!

      2. Cool thanks for this. We have doubled up on a few releases but I not had them on this blog. I have to be careful when looking out for vinyl in case it’s already on here or you may have it. Done okay up to now 😉

  14. Strange Advance – Love Games – US 12” Promo Vinyl Mixes – 1982 (RAW)

    I upgraded to a new vinyl rip software version. Let me know if this still ok. Thought there might be a little more background noise, otherwise it should be ok.

    Let me know what you think!?

    Thanks !!

    1. It does sound very bright and lively, what did you upgrade to? Might hurt a few ears are you amplifying the source ?

      1. I hope not just try to use the same settings with Magix (Is the one I’ve been using) as I’m more comfortable with that and easier (the one with the latest raw rips I’ve been doing). Magix 2016 I’ve upraded to from Magix 2013.

        It’s funny every now month and a half it seems to do this and I just wait until the computer settles down for some reason. Too loud huhh, Ok!

        I’ll go back to 2013 and use that until I get the settings corrected on the newer version.

        Thanks mate!!

  15. Djjedredy,
    I’ve readjusted the strange advance (Love Games) rip until I can fix my tech issues. A tad more than RAW because of background noise (For Now).

    Strange Advance – Love Games – US 12” Promo Vinyl Mixes – 1982 (RAW) Fixed MP3 320.rar

    The 1st concern is my power cable on my Technics 1200, when I move it, it vibes and gives loud feedback sound. Not my big concern.

    2nd concern (MAIN) is when I rip vinyl it always has a (Howling windy sound in it, as if it is howling around outside your door type of thing). I’m sure you understand that explanation. Yes! I have reinstalled the program, checked my cables, unplugged then re-plugged back in, next I’ll switch turntables. Just asking, if anything, fine, if not oh well …..!!!

    If in anyway you can help or have suggestions or anybody at all, I would definitely appreciate it (Weird – I’m lost on this fix)!!

    Thank you in advance, I’d appreciate It !!!!

  16. A few more from my pre-rip folder + a new one (400 Blows) same as Strange Advance – “Love Games”- like the RAW rips with 1 additional dynamic adjustment due to windy sound, hope ok!

  17. A bit more 80’s with 4 90’s. Finishing up a 90’s batch and an Australian batch of rips.

  18. Since I’m painkillered up from a successful surgery and your on an oldies theme block! I’d thought I would send you this, plus 4 others!!

    1. Hope you’re well Mike and on the road to recovery. Many thanks for your shares I will actually be going forward/back to the 90’s this week so I’ll only manage to post a couple of your kind offerings then store them for the next month or two….cheers 😉

      1. Thanks Mate!! Definitely !! You know it’s addicting when it comes to vinyl. Just sharing what I’m digitizing and sending it over (you do what you do). More 90’s coming…. (Oh, watch those where are the 80’s comments once the 90’s gets in motion) It’s no problem at all!!

  19. About 23 rips of 90’s here in a bit!

    1. I have about 15…going to be a long month! 🙂

      1. More joy from the 90’s as I will be enclosing. Now the 90’s Talk Talk mixes are done for Matt (I believe) and that is all I have for them. Zipping and posting now.

  20. Up next the RAW version of the Pet Shop Boys – Introspective for your latest re-up request.

    Heads up I have some vinyl’s coming your way
    Sigue Sigue Sputnik (9)
    Pete Shelley (6)
    More P.Furs.
    Plus more 80’s stuff in about 2 or 3 weeks (when ready)

    In a couple of days about 7 more 90’s Rare & interesting stuff!

  21. Three I had in mind and ready to send you for a somewhat themed Halloween, if you choose (2 x90’s and 1x 80’s).

    Yep, another Skinny Puppy just like last year!

    1. Cheers Mike, I’ll add some more to the pot tomorrow.

  22. djjedredy,

    90’s are done for now, what?? (Ha Ha Ha!)

    Seriously, It Is what It Is. Blog what you blog! Ok, now I’ve been working on this (25 x 90’s) batch, trying to beat the next decade switch. Maybe you can do a mix of 90’s & 80’s posts for a week then make a switch to that fantastic and exciting decade (80’s) for good (Up To You!?).

    Actually I came across this Ruby Trax box set (Very Interesting!!) that I totally forgot about with 3 vinyl’s, maybe you could blog it and be done.

    Then again just bank these and save for later (whatever is clever!!).

    Yes! I have quite a few recent 80’s buys from Discogs and stores/shops to listen to and rip.

    Seems like 80’s up to the New Year….!!

    Ave a good one mate !!

  23. Ace Of Base – All That She Wants – UK 12” Vinyl Remixes – 1992 (RAW) MP3 320.rar

    Annie Lennox – No More ”I Love You’s” – US 12” Promo Vinyl Remixes – 1995 (RAW) W-Bass FLAC.rar

    Baby Ford – Beach Bump – US 12” Vinyl Mixes – 1990 (RAW) FLAC.rar

    Billy Idol – Heroin – US 12” L.E. White Vinyl Doublepack Remixes – 1993 (RAW) MP3 320.rar

    Cabaret Voltaire – Keep On – UK 12” Vinyl Remixes – 1990 (RAW) W-Bass MP3 320.rar

    EON – Inner Mind & Spice – UK 12” Vinyl Mixes – 1991 (RAW) MP3 320.rar

    George Michael & Queen – Somebody To Love + Killer & Papa Was A Rollin’ Stone – UK 12” Vinyl Mixes – 1993 (RAW) MP3 320.rar

    Inspiral Carpets – Caravan – US 12” Promo Mixes – 1991 (RAW) MP3 320.rar

    INXS – Searching – UK 12”s x 2 – 1997 (RAW) MP3 320.rar

    Keoki – Majick – US 12” & Promo Vinyl Remixes – 1997 (RAW) W-Bass MP3 320.rar

    Killing Joke – Millennium – US 12” Vinyl Mixes (5) – 1994 (RAW) W-Bass MP3 320.rar

    Morcheeba – Trigger Hippie – US 12” Promo Mixes – 1996 (RAW) W-Bass MP3 320.rar

    OMD – Enola Gay – Electricity – Souvenir — UK 12” Promo Vinyl Remix Double Pack – 1998 MP3 320.rar

    Pet Shop Boys – DJ Culture (Rmx) – UK 12” Vinyl Mixes – 1991 (RAW) MP3 320.rar

    Pet Shop Boys – Dj Culture + Music For Boys – U.S. 12” Vinyl Remixes – 1991 (RAW) MP3 320.rar

    Pulp – Common People – US 12” Promo Vinyl Mixes – 1995 (RAW) MP3 320.rar

    Ruby – Tiny Meat – US 12” Promo Vinyl Remixes – 1995 (RAW) W-Bass MP3 320.rar

    Ruby Trax – Part 1 Vinyl LP NME’s Roaring Forty (Box-Set) – 1992 (RAW) MP3 320.rar

    Ruby Trax – Part 2 Vinyl LP NME’s Roaring Forty (Box-Set) – 1992 (RAW) MP3 320.rar

    Ruby Trax – Part 3 Vinyl LP NME’s Roaring Forty (Box-Set) – 1992 (RAW) MP3 320.rar

    Sinead O’ Connor + Bono & Gavin Friday – US 12” Promo Vinyl Mixes – 1994 (RAW) MP3 320.rar

    Stabbing Westward – Lies – US Promo 12” Mixes – 1994 (RAW) MP3 320.rar

    Transvision Vamp – If Looks Could Kill – US 12” Promo Vinyl Mixes -1991 (RAW) MP3 320.rar

    Underworld – Moaner – US 12” Promo Mixes – 1997 (RAW) MP3 320.rar

    Yello – Unbelievable (Ford Fairlane Sdtrk) – US 12” Vinyl Mixes – 1990 (RAW) MP3 320.rar

    1. Hi Mike could you re-upped this lovely stash please!

      1. Sure, no problem at all !!

  24. More of that popular decade, coming in a bit!!
    13 (SSS) and the rest mixed.

    1. Just seen the selection you’ve sent. Suitably gobsmacked with the range of stuff. Thanks a million. I have about 20 to put up myself so I think we’ll be sorted at least up to Christmas. Met Martin Deville from SSS last week when I was in Whitby. Out of costume but very polite and camp as a row of tents!

      1. Never turn down some 80’s. Sure your stats will be up a bit as well !!

        WOW! That is great, did he mention any reunion or new music at all?

      2. It was in the hotel I was staying at. Apparently he is going to release the old stuff remixed and brought up to date. They played as support to Heaven 17 which was a bit strange as it was Goth festival ! Reports say they were good and I reminded him I saw him at York a few years ago on the same bill as Mesh , EMF and Psychedelic Furs.

      3. Nice! Good to hear, and thanks!!

  25. Djjedredy,

    My apologies to flood you with rips!

    The reason I’m doing this is because I’ll be busy from tomorrow (First day back at work), then my schedule will be super busy with catching up and working around the clock until around x-mas.

    You’ll have more to choose from and 80’s is always a good thing!!

    1. No worries. As always I’m indebted for your contributions. Thanks. It’ll be 80s till the New Year then. 😁

  26. Tis’ the Season Of Giving..80’s Through the Holiday!!

    Time off to heal, served well – The Pleasure Is Mine!!

    1. Thanks again for the wide and eclectic selection. We have doubled up on a few ( Great Minds think alike) on the Elvis Costello and Paul McCartney twelves. But not to worry 😁 This will keep us going through Christmas and the stats have really picked up ( Surpise Surprise!) Take care !

  27. A Couple of Tunes (Christmas Themed) Title related. One each from the 80’s & 90’s!

    Plus some extra 80’s. First 2 are the X-mas. The rest are 80’s

    Merry X-mas to you, the wife, family, and friends!!

    1. Same to you Mike! Thanks for all your contributions over the year, I love your eclectic tastes and always look forward to posting them.

  28. 80’s & 90’s (Small Batch – For Now!)

  29. 80’s, 12 of them 4 ya! Whether its 90’s or ……

  30. Art Of Noise (Feat. Duane Eddy) – Peter Gunn (Twang Mix) – UK 12” Vinyl – 1986 (RAW) MP3 320.rar

    Billy Crystal – You Look Marvelous – US 12” Promo Vinyl Mixes – 1985 (RAW) MP3 320.rar

    Billy Idol – Mony Mony – US 12” Vinyl Mixes – 1987 (RAW) MP3 320.rar

    Kim Carnes – Voyeur – US 12” Promo Vinyl – 1982 (RAW) MP3 320.rar

    Lou Reed – No Money Down – US 12” Promo Vinyl Mixes – 1986 (RAW) MP3 320.rar

    Peter Murphy – Blind Sublime – US 12” Vinyl Mixes – 1988 (RAW) MP3 320.rar

    Philip Bailey – Easy Lover (Duet W-Phil Collins) – US 12” Vinyl – 1984 (RAW) MP3 320.rar

    Robert Palmer – I Didn’t Mean To Turn You On – US 12” Vinyl Mixes – 1986 (RAW) MP3 320.rar

    The Godfathers – She Gives Me Love – US 12” Vinyl Mixes – 1989 (RAW) MP3 320.rar

    Thrashing Doves – Northern Civil War Party – US 12” Promo Vinyl Mixes – 1987 (RAW) MP3 320.rar

    Wet Wet Wet – Sweet Little Mystery – US 12” Vinyl Mixes – 1988 (RAW) MP3 320.rar

    Wide Boy Awake – Billy Hyena – UK 12” Vinyl Mixes – 1984 (RAW) MP3 320.rar

    1. Could you re-up most of these again Mike ? Should of grabbed them sooner!

      1. Sure, Give me a minute here & Aussie stuff is now being prepped will send a tad later as well (A variety of Aussie Stuff for you).

      2. OK, so finally the Australian stuff with a bit of New Zealand stuff as well.
        About 30 folders here – mostly 80’s!!

        The Mondo Rock someone was asking for is here too.

        It was some work but I’m extremely glad a purchase from Down Under was necessary, now some of these vinyl’s are very expensive or non-existent.

        Now back to the future…..with more 80’s to digitize!!

  31. 1 Book Of Love 1991 – New Adjustment in Rip. Could the clarity that I was after and the others stating muffles…let’s see!?

  32. So the blog continues…A Big Batch of 90’s coming up shortly!!

    Hope my “Sweet Lies” Promo 12” by Robert Palmer arrives.

    Shipped on Jan 8th from UK and still have not seen the wax!!

    1. I’m looking forward to hearing that version of Sweet Lies. Did you see my post about the Gowan singles?

      1. Yes, Matt and as ever it goes on the shopping list 🙂

      2. Thanks ☺ Would you want me to make the purchase from Discogs or EBay and have them sent to you? I see one copy of one and a couple for the other.

      3. Best pass that over to Mike, er Mike ?

      4. Can you contact him for me?

      5. Will try, I think I’ll email him, he seems to be a busy man at the moment.

      6. Well, believe it or not I’m dying to hear this mix and the dub! So therefore as stubborn and being a non-quitter my efforts to buy again have also failed from Italy.

        Just made a 3rd purchase from UK again (Female seller) !! See if it makes it across the states to me !! This is the only 12” or vinyl that has never made it to me (from Discogs), must be cursed or have some voodoo…!!?

      7. I hope this will finally come through this time. I even found someone who has every Robert Palmer single but theirs doesn’t have the dub mix.
        Would I be able to send the Gowan singles your way?

      8. Yes! So I’ll trust your judgement on these (Gowan Singles) and I’ve purchased them ! Your taste is similar to mine, hope they are not jinxed or cursed for no delivery based on your second request (Ha Ha Ha !!).

        When they arrive I’ll get them done and let you know !! I’ll have Djjedredy blog these for others to see (if he’s up for it). Stand By ….!

      9. Wow thanks Mike. You guys here are top notch. Hoping these arrive along with your third attempt at the Sweet Lies 12inch with no problem.

        Another one I would like to track down is the 12inch of Jon Astley “Lets Put This Love To The Test”. I’m read that if you like Thomas Dolby which I do then you’ll like this.

      10. Matt, I Already have this 12′ (Promo with 5 mixes) (Needs Digitizing then I’ll send it to Djjedredy)’ that is for sure (ahead of you on this one) and a comment from the last Robert Palmer 12” Post ” Tell Me I’m Not Dreaming” (Just Copied) (Below).
        –“Sweet Lies” 12” Update–
        So The “Sweet Lies” 12” 3 buys, 1 never made it and actually just found out that the 2nd purchase had an ID number. Local Post office just told me that it is still on its way and in Atlanta. The 3rd, well she was busy like some, and just shipped it with a tracking number as well !! I may end up with 2 copies…. AMAZING !!

      11. Thought I posted a reply to this already, once again! No problem and YES! I have had Jon Astley 12” for a few years in my rip stack. 5 Mixes on my promo I have.
        Sweet Lies 12” may come through and could end up with 2 copies. 3rd just mailed from UK from a female seller and my 2nd last reported in Atlanta and suppose to be on its way still…mmmm..we’ll see !

      12. This is sounding great Mike. Keep me posted on things.

      13. 1 Month And A Week Later..! Finally, Robert Palmer’s Promo Sweet Lies 12er has arrived !! With another one on it’s way… Won’t be doing this again but because this is Robert Palmer, A Promo 12′,’ and the added Dub with mixes by Freddy Bastone it should be good (Let’s Hope) and worth it !!!

      14. Tenacity murdered the feline.

      15. Where there’s a will, there’s a way. Damn expensive one !

      16. Wow. Looking forward to hearing all these. Do you happen to have the Robert Palmer “Change His Ways” 12″ with the Rock Mix?

  33. Handful of 80’s (Real Quick) First one is Art of Noise Yebo New RAW Re Rip 2017.
    Then a couple more. Thought the 90’s might have been played out (Blogged) hoping to catch up with more 80’s. Don’t worry Australian batch almost finished then more 80’s to come this week.

    1. Remember it was decided on a vote 😁 90s will return. Quality stuff and quite unusual. I have about 8 twelves of my own to go up as well.

      1. Oh Yeah!! No Problem at all what is blogged. Just try to keep the 80’s in motion for at least 2 weeks to a month.

        Got some recent purchases from my trip to Hollyweird & surrounding other record stores I’d like to share with ya mate (& Blog Fans)!!

        One mention of a group coming your way a group I forgot about and had an interest for is Test Dept. 2 x12ers from them plus more..👍

  34. Small 80’s bundle for now (Just Busy)!

  35. Comateen’s has no audio, just pics! Just realized that a couple days ago.
    Here is the full folder with other 80’s !

    1. Mike you’re a star as always. Been busy at work too hence the lack of activity. Cheers bud !

  36. JPY as Requested plus a handful more Oz tunes with the exception of a Tim Finn.

  37. Rapping up a batch of mixed 80’s to send in a bit !

  38. More than a bit (sorry for the delay). Anyway, here is a stack of wax!

    1. Great delivery. I’ll sort through these then we’ll release some 90’s stuff. Thanks a Zillion 🙂

  39. A handful more of Aussie rips (In 1-2 hrs) then I’ll be banking some 90’s & 80’s for a later send!

    1. Okay I’ll get em up before Saturday 🙂

      1. First 4 – Aussie with 1 Full Album (40mins) by The Reels (Good Stuff!) and then a couple 80’s. Then I’ll be building my rip folder bank back up.

      2. I’ve just found a load of stuff from ages from the 80’s…hence the rush of posts 🙂

      3. Hi Mike. Just been quality controlling before I put up your Soft Cell “Say Hello Wave Goodbye ’91” and it appears to be jumping on both sides!! 5:33 in from the A side and Memorablilia from 4:20. I don’t want our customers moaning 🙂 🙂

      4. WOW! Ok, I agree I’ll fix and get it back over to you, when I can. Thanks for testing it !!

      5. Everything is tested to breaking point! 🙂

  40. Meanwhile back in the warzone…So I finally had the Soft Cell Redone plus a handful more (About 11) to send. Prepping now then I’ll shoot them over. In this batch is the Yello — La Habanera promo mixes. 1 was sent over a while ago, then an urge to buy the other promo was completed (To Complete Set-I believe). Now both together in a better rip. Hang Tight !!

    1. Would you or Mike have The Zummos “An Obsession Over You” 12″?

      1. No – I’ll have to check it out & hunt for it !!

      2. Let me know if you want me to purchase it on Discogs and have it shipped to you. Seems like nobody bought it?

      3. Still having no luck with this. I talked to Vinnie Zummo and he has one copy of the 12″ but no way to rip it.

  41. A handful more 90’s !

  42. Would you happen to have a 12″ by Streetlife called No More Silence and it’s B-side “Chopper’s Delight”?

  43. Quick batch of 90’s

    1. Cool going to return to the 80’s at the weekend! Many thanks

      1. No biggie at all!! I’ll stop on 90’s then – Probably in 1 month or so?
        Great I’ll get some 80’s together, thanks for the heads up !!

      2. Hi, I know some guy was moaning about poor quality on some of the recent recordings but was about to put up the Jona Lewie twelve and stopped when I heard the “You Will Always Find Me In The Kitchen At Parties (Chill Down Mix)” it suffers from a really distorted bass drum and I just couldn’t post it……and it’s a bloody brilliant update of this classic!!! Boooo! Check it out yourself mate! Sorry 😦

      3. ** Mike B. **

        No, that’s fine! So a better re-do ! I liked it too!!! Remember the RAW factor and while direct listening it sounds a bit dull anyway – needle is fully brushed and cleaned. A tad better. Let me know I’d like your fans to check it out otherwise ‘ll look for my new needle and switch and rip it with it.

      4. When you’re ready Sir!

      5. ** Mike B. **

        OK, thought I sent it, WOW!! Take 2

  44. ** Mike B. ** | Reply

    Also the Every Kinda People 12” was kind of thrashed on the 1st side in the mix (RAW it was!!). Ordered from overseas and an underrated rating from that seller for that 12er. People really amaze me !!

    1. Probably cleaned with a sheet of sandpaper!!

  45. ** Mike B. ** | Reply

    Right here attempt #2 for ya!! Must be glitched

  46. ** Mike B. ** | Reply

    Well, squeeze a couple of 90’s & 80’s before I build my 80’s and Oz tunes back up! B.M. – I Really Love 12er has some hiss removed most but still acceptable – I do Like the Circuit Mix (Unfortunately Most Hiss was on this one). Kim Wilde 12” Another version of the last K.W. post as I liked the rock mix and these mixes are different and not on Love Moves re-release yet !!!
    Pisses me off to no end on some vinyl pressings. When recording they sound ok then if they sound like shit, sometimes a fix will help and in most cases the ones I try to fix and share are the ones that people complain about. Vinyl Companies, you just never know…..till the needle is in the groove….!!

    1. Thanks Mike, I’m off record shopping this weekend too! I’m sure that Music For Pleasure Track is already up and running on here.

      1. ** Mike B. **

        Holy Cow, that’s right, what was I thinking! OK, Happy Shopping !!

      2. I can’t wait to see what you guys have in store.

  47. 80’s bundle in a bit!

    1. Fantastic! Can’t wait liking the stuff at the mo ?

    2. I’ve just seen the delivery and promptly dropped my jaw! 🙂 In for a treat!

    3. Just duplicated on China Crisis (already up and re-upped) so not bad 🙂

      1. Ok, just wanted the 12’’ since I didn’t have it (forgot to check the blog) so I thought I would share!
        Good to hear it’s back up!
        Hope the rest is different!!

      2. No worries mate always love your stuff !

  48. It’s Raining 80’s (22) (With 1 Exception). Had an itch and in the mood for some mixes/ from S.O.M. Bootleg (Says – Promo, Ahh…Maybe!) mixes for Alice.

  49. Now What I have here – excuse the Batman 12’’ as for feeling batty on the dark side after the news over the weekend about Adam West passing away from the corny and cheesy TV show. Liked it for the batmobile with other bat transportation (Copter & Boat), batcave, oh & villains.

    The YMO has a loss in quality due to a scratch or 2.

    The rest should be AOK !!

  50. Also, I think (unless I missed it or overlooked it) that New order & prince mixes have not been released. Not Sure ..!? Here you go 23 folders.

    1. Just posted Part 7 of Songs From OZ and Beyond and I think the Wa Wa Nee track I can make you happy jumps ??? Could you check, I’m sure it’s not the mix 🙂

      1. Really – Just listened to it, You’re Right!! New Rip with 1 jump only now my apologies the best I can do till I find another 12er. It’s RAW alright!!!! or Live Dj remix!!

      2. Gridlock 1 – V.A’s. – US 12” Vinyls of Remixes (2) – (RAW) MP3.rar

        Kraftwerk – Computerwelt – German 12” Vinyl Mixes – 1981 (RAW) MP3.rar

        Kraftwerk – Neon Lights – UK 12” Vinyl (Luminous) – 1978 (RAW) MP3.rar

        Kraftwerk – Showroom Dummies – US 12” Vinyl Mixes – 1977 (RAW) MP3.rar

        — New Rip Slightly Better —
        W.W.N. – ICMYH -Oz 12” Mixes-1986 (RAW) MP3.rar

      3. Hi Mike, you sent over The Reels debut album but the folder only had 7 songs I’m guessing it was Side 1, it did sound fab tho! Any chance of sending over the full album ??

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