David Bowie – Fame 90 (US 12″)

From 1990 and a Bowie classic get’s a rework from a bunch of producers to great effect. You get a couple of lively, groovy Arthur Baker mixes, (House/Hip Hop Mix) Not sure about the House remix, very early dance sounds! A duet with Queen Latifah with producer  D.J. Mark “The 45 King” at the controls is the choice mix, keeping it close to the original with a melodic rap and a great bass. Jon Gass again plays around with the original, with the slightest of hands giving it a subtle rework, shame about the unnecessary studio stutter effects. Finally, John Barrett stretches it to over 14 minutes long in an epic groove fest, very inventive if you can sit through it all!

NEW LINK 2019 (and improved!)




EMI USA ‎– V-56163 bowiefamecov

A1David Bowie With Queen Latifah Fame 90-4:05

A2David Bowie Fame 90 (House Mix)-5:57

A3David Bowie Fame 90 (Gass Mix)-3:36

B1David Bowie Fame 90 (Hip Hop Mix)-5:57

B2David Bowie Fame 90 (Absolutely Nothing Premeditated / Epic Mix) –14:24

7 thoughts on “David Bowie – Fame 90 (US 12″)”

  1. I know, I know, I know, don’t look a gift horse……. I’m sorry, so much cool and rare stuff from Mike B, but sadly close to unlistenable to me, at least with headphones as I use mostly. I’m realy no audio snob, don’t mind quite a bit of crackles. Also have very little technical knowledge, so don’t really know what he does, heavy noise reduction maybe? Not much dynamics left and the treble distorted. Would SO have prefered the raw, untouched rips… Well, haven’t read any other “complaints”, so guess most are okay with it… Sorry again, couldnt help saying this 🙂 THANK YOU to you both though for sharing!!!

    1. Musicus,

      Just trying something different and I’ll revert to what I’ve been doing before. If this is MW from the KAT, got it, still in refine mode with what I have. The others were all premeditated !!

      Anyway try this (Link below version 2-no artwork)). Comments from others – welcome !! The best I can do for now. Enjoy or… ??

      David Bowie – Fame 90 – US 12” Vinyl Remixes – 1990 Vsn 2 MP3 320.rar

    2. So what about my Rips ? I don’t mess too much with the sound, hence the crackles. I have to admit Mike’s Rips do sound a bit different from mine but I would rather have them than not at all. Please feedback.

      1. To cut a long story short (Spandau Ballet – Ha Ha Ha)(quick joke), seriously – MW from the KAT eh was a person by the name of Mediumwave on Kickasstorrents (I occasionally visit).

        He had commented before about my rips and I do understand some of the hiss and never really got too much about distortion but I did improve and he was very helpful bringing certain points to my attention.

        Anyway I have dropped the settings a bit and from now on will be digitizing that way it should be a little better.
        An example is in this post – Vsn 2 of Fame 90. Check it out and let me know.

        Otherwise, meanwhile … back in the jungle…!!!
        Next ……

  2. I would love a Re-Up of this when ever you get the chance 🙂 So much great content on here and in good quality to which for me is essential. Thanks for all the hard work you do with ripping etc and of course keeping this blog up to date and running 🙂

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