INXS – Kiss The Dirt (Falling Down The Mountain) (12″)

So another trio of Aussie tracks now with this track from INXS back in 1986. Starting with the strum and building up, this was massive in Australia but did barely dent the charts in the UK. It recently appeared in the GTA game, Vice City.

So in the package we get the bizarre, slide guitar, acoustic track of “Six Knots” A powerful live version of “The One Thing” seeing the band in full steam from a gig in Melbourne. The Calypso based “The Spy Of Love” from 1983 with some nice synths from their 3rd album, “Shaboo Shoobah” (with a just a hint of The Police)

Mercury ‎– INXS 712kissedcov

A1 Kiss The Dirt (Falling Down The Mountain)
A2 Six Knots
B1 The One Thing (Live)
B2 Spy Of Love


  1. Stephen Scott · October 12

    One of INXS greatest tracks – you have the most astonishingly good taste in music!

  2. krawinkel · 29 Days Ago

    The best is down!!

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