Machinations – Pressure Sway (Australian 12″)

So OZ got into the New Wave thing , it wasn’t just all about Men At Work!

This was a rather sheltered view we Brits had of the music scene in the early 80’s, stuff was out there but depending on what Radio Station you tuned into you would not know otherwise. No Internet, no downloads just physical copies of vinyl (and tape) at highly inflated prices (imports were at least £8 equivalent to nearly £19 now!) So it’s nice to hear a wider, world view of the music scene outside the UK.

So synthpop existed in Sydney way back in 1980! Machinations consisted of Tim Doyle on guitar; Fred Loneragan on lead vocals; and Tony Starr on keyboards, vocals, and drum machine.  Another school friend, Nero (Nick) Swan, soon joined on bass guitar. So not pure synth pop as guitars were invited to the party. So New Wave with a drum machine.

So to 1983 and their first recognised hit, “Pressure Sway”, bringing  funk to the precise percussion , definite with one ear towards Duran Duran. Bruce Brown and Russell Dunlop produced it and it was polished up in NYC by Steve Thompson and did some damage to the US Club Play chart.  B-side is light and slightly Calypso influenced, “Pushbike” with floating synths, very jolly!

White Label Records ‎– X 12026pressurecov

A Pressure Sway (Extended Version) 4:57
B1 Pressure Sway (Instrumental Version) 6:16
B2 Pushbike 3:40


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