Dragon – Rain (12″)

Some Aussie rock (via Mike) and a UK 12″ by established band Dragon. Founded by brothers, Marc & Todd Hunter, they were originally from Auckland, New Zealand, then they relocated to Sydney and were active way back in the 70’s. Their normal style is captured on the B-side, a live recording of fan favourite, much more pub rock orientated, “The Dreaded Moroxy Blind” recorded in the Autumn of 1982. Here they try their hand at New Wave, synths and guitars helped by some beefy remixes by John Luongo, love the Dub mix which is quite experimental with lots of drop outs and is very electronic. This completely passed me by back in 1983 so thanks for bringing it to my ears, R.I.P. Marc Hunter.




Polydor ‎– POSPX 672 dragoncov

A Rain (Dance Mix)
B1 The Dreaded Moroxy Bind (Live)
B2 Rain (Dub Mix)


  1. Stephen Scott · October 12

    Another classic that I never knew had a remix. My list of “I’ve got to ask if this can be re-upped” is growing out of control!

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  3. Ray · October 15

    Any chance you have Rain in FLAC or WAV Please.

  4. Daniel Zavala · October 29

    Por favor subela en FLAC!!!

  5. Ray · October 31

    Hi Mike and djjedredy
    Amazing, a very big Thank You. Love FLAC and this site.
    Thanks again
    Warm Regards

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