Bill Nelson – Because Of You (Remixes) (Promo 12″)

nelsonMike got me excited with this little offering because I thought I had heard, and got most, of Bill Nelson’s many releases. I quick look on Discogs and I was way out! This was when Nelson was signed to a semi-major, Portrait Records in the late 80’s where he put out a very commercial album, “Getting Across The Holy Ghost – On A Blue Wing” which had a lot of mystical, quasi religious symbolism and was totally ignored by the record buying public. Co-produced by Steve Nye the album saw Nelson make great use of all the studio tricks and it still doesn’t sound like it was from 1986. A very young Justin Strauss and Murray Elias provided the remixes. The “Popstand Remix” keeping true to the album version with a different drum pattern. Definite Japan influences with brother Ian Nelson providing some excellent saxophone.


Portrait ‎– RAS 2574becauseinnercov.jpg

A- Because Of You (Popstand Remix)-7:37

B1- Because Of You (Nailed To The Dub Version)-7:40

B2- Because Of You (Dubbed To The Drums Version)-6:06


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