Charlie Sexton – Impressed (12″)

More shiny, synth rock by Mr. Charlie “Cheekbones” Sexton. From 1986 and the follow-up to his debut and quite a catchy little ditty, I’m getting a Beverly Hills Cop vibe about it, almost “Boys Of Summer.” with a heavy dose of INXS. I actually had the album “Pictures Of Pleasure” in my hand whilst in my usual second hand record shop just yesterday, I did pass up on it though. The Dub has the classic IIIIiiiiiiimpressed, vocal stutter slices, a fun listen and still maintains the full vocals. Steve Lillywhite having a  bit of input on the Dub remix.



A Impressed (Mixed Impressions) (Extended Dance Remix) 6:25
B Impressed (Wanna Bet Dub) 7:31

SAM_2532 (2)



  1. krawinkel · June 20

    sexton 12 is down. THX if you Reup it!!!

  2. Retro Hound · September 23

    Could you please re-up????? Thanks!!!!!!

  3. Retro Hound · September 28

    So excited I’m rolling in the grass shaking my doggy tail! Thanks!

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