Swans Way – The Fugitive Kind (Vinyl LP)

Came across a mint copy of this a few months ago and what a little corker of an album. From 1984 and blending new romantic pop with jazz the band will always be remembered by the epic “Soul Train” which kicks off the album.

Swans Way was a three-piece from Birmingham. In addition to the future Scarlet Fantastic duo of Maggie De Monde (vocals and percussion) and Rick P. Jones (double bass), Swans Way featured the vocals of Robert Shaw.

The album had 3 very different producers that added their own slant to the Swansway sound, Mike Thorne kept his Linn Drum machine on the more uptempo tracks. Mark Freegard added the atmospherics on others and John L Waters provided the jazzy orchestra polish. There are many highlights to the album but my favourite is “Je Joué” for it’s variety and experimentation. I bet the band Hurts love these!



Balgier ‎– SWAN 1swancov

A1 Soul Train
A2 Keeping It Strong
A3 Club Secrets
A4 In Trance
A5 Je Joué
B1 The Blade
B2 The Anchor
B3 When The Wild Calls
B4 Stay
B5 Illuminations

One thought on “Swans Way – The Fugitive Kind (Vinyl LP)”

  1. I just heard this band after seeing this listed here. If you happen to come across the Theme From The Balcony 12″ & the When The Wild Calls promo 12″ can you let me know? There’s some rare B sides that didn’t make it to the cd reissue. There’s also a 7″ for The Anchor that has Keeping it Strong London Spring Mix.

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