The Bangles – Walk Like An Egyptian (Ozymandias remixes) (12″)

From 1990 and a revamped, re-release of this Bangles classic from 1985 to help promote the “Greatest Hits” album. (The Group had split the year earlier!) I prefer it as it’s a bit guitary and with modern dance beats and World Music samples, a fresher take remixed by Paul Schroeder




A1 Walk Like An Egyptian (Ozymandias 12″ Remix)
B1 Walk Like An Egyptian (Ozymandias 7″ Mix)
B2 Walk Like An Egyptian (Acapella Mix)



I thought I’d sneak in a bawdy parody version by Spoof band, The Swinging Erudites. From 1987, it is as rude as the title suggests but is still very faithful to the Bangles original in terms of sound. Gotta love the deliberate tuneless whistling. It even has a “Big Weenie” remix mixed by Ali Lexa, not for the faint hearted!


Airwave Records ‎– ARO 9400


A Walk With An Erection 3:12
B Walk With An Erection (Big Weenie Mix) 5:04



14 thoughts on “The Bangles – Walk Like An Egyptian (Ozymandias remixes) (12″)”

  1. Hi can you share the link again please for this Bangles record, they get taken down so quickly these days it’s only a few months ago and I missed it!

  2. Bangles is on.only the parody is down! never heard before from this parody. The only one i know is the German Version from DIE ÄRZTE. And from J.B.O (James Blast Orchestra) its also a German Group..

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